Games of Your Childhood

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  1. What was your favorite childhood game?

    Mine was Hungry, Hungry Hippos. It was so violently fun.

    Mouse Trap was pretty cool but took forever to build.

    And freeze tag. :smoking:
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    hungry hungry hippos, me and my brothers or friends would just slam the shit outta the game.......VERY FUN!:D

    oh and simon says (fuckin crazy after awhile), house in a couch lol, hide and seek with neighbourhood kids, and we'd race our bikes and jump ramps, and then i fell real hard one time ahaha
  3. So either board games or otherwise?

    Favorite non-board games were starlight-moonlight, and manhunt!

    Board games - chutes and ladders
  4. Freeze Tag.
  5. Capture the flag, freeze tag, assorted board games (most of which I still play today :hello:).
  6. tag
    tv tag
    flashlight tag (stolen from Pete and Pete)
    ghost in the graveyard
    bat hunters (put a tennis ball in a sock and wing it into the air when you see a bat fly above you. if youre lucky it will cling to the sock and fall to the earth)

  7. Oh, hell yes. I forgot about that one. :hello:
  8. I always liked playing doctor with the local girls ;)
  9. ghost in the graveyard was fun as hell
    whenever I would be the ghost, people would be afraid because I straight tackled people down
  10. My friends played tag in the dark at my one friend's house, but the person that was it had to record everything with his night vision camera- so like while we'd be walkin' around and you'll see someone on the counter like in the most awkward position on the wall, and you'll see someone run by the camera if they got too close. It was so fun.
  11. freeze tag
    hide and seek
    tug of war
    truth or dare
    go fish
    uno and clue
  12. Army/war... Nobody played that? Two groups of friends vs. each other with fake weapons goin' against eash other, playin' dead and whatnot?

    Besides that either monopoly or trouble.

  13. Only problem we ever had with that game was when you "shot" someone and they said you had missed and wouldn't die.

    "I shot you!"

    "Na-uh! You missed!"
  14. That was the downside... But I played with neighbors and whatnot. They knew better then to pull that "you didn't hit me" shit...
  15. FUCK mouse trap,,, that shit was a bitch just to set up and then when you're literally one piece away O SHIT I ACCIDENTALLY HIT IT
  16. i used to love me some crossfireeeeee
  17. Nahh mousetrap was the best.
    I'd set just the traps up, and not play the game but just set off the traps a lot.
    More that way. :D

    But i was a kid who loved tag. We got into it. :cool:
  18. Paintball.

    Lava-Tag. - So much fun. You go to a playground and play tag, but the woodchips/sand is off limits. You touch the ground, you're it. Hell, sometimes we still get high and play this game if it's a nice day.

    Kick the Can.

  19. hmm
    how do you play that? lol

  20. Okay here's the premise...

    One person counts to a number, we'll say 30.

    During the 30 seconds, everyone else runs and hides somewhere.

    When the counter has reached 30, he must look for the hidden persons. If he sees someone or suspects they are there, he must call out their Name/Location while jumping over the can. No guessing name after name, either. And no babysitting.

    Every person he catches, has to stand by him like they are in 'jail'.

    A person who has not been caught, has to kick the can to win the game.

    A counter can only be that position for 5 games in a row, then it goes in rotation if he hasn't beat anyone.

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