Games Of Subconscious Assumptions

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    The probabilities that determine the structures that make up your reality align according to your own mental breakdown of statistical probabilities of what you assume would happen, or innately consider the possibility of. Things can not come into existence that you have not first considered coming into existence. All of the things that you consider happening are transferred to your highest consciousness, which essentially exists as a timeless database of all thoughts. These thoughts then arrange themselves according to the probabilities created by your own mental beliefs about possible reality-sequences, and the likelihood of their occurrence. All thoughts exist somewhere in the range of the possibilities of your highest Mind, and in order to shift through the likelihood of their occurrence you need to adjust your own mental considerations of what you intuitively think is possible.

    The origin of all thoughts is somewhere in the past-future timeline, and from the perspective of higher consciousness there is only now. From the highest perspective of consciousness, there is only stored memories in timeless and infinite consciousness being remembered. Each of the occurrences in your reality-sequences can be looked at as games. There are certain roles being played, certain assumptions being had, certain rules implicit in the game. Now, games can intertwine in all sorts of ways, and there can be games within games. However it plays out, these sequences do not play out according to pre-determined rules. They play out according to your own rules, that you subconsciously consider to be probable.
  2. nice, its essentially limitless
  3. I had to read this a few times but I finally comprehend.
    ^What he said,
    its limitless.
  4. Good thing I have no rules.
  5. I have a few questions that i want your opinion on based on what youve presented in the original post, particularly the bolded part

    how would these assumptions pertain to say a new-born baby who doesnt have any consideration or pre-concieved notions about anything? How would their reality develop without any consideration of possibility?

    How does a baby, or any organism experiencing their reality, come to exist in the first place if reality is dependent on that organisms personal cognition?

    can you elaborate on what you call your "highest conciousness" and "highest mind"? What particularly is it and what seperates your "highest conciousness" from another entities "highest conciousness"? If everyones "highest conciousness" is ultimately the same conciousness and, if the highest conciousness is ultimately the deciding factor in what any organism exxperiences in their reality, why is reality subjectively experienced by different entities in different ways?
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    ill take a stab at this. i would say that the earliest part of organisms experience and its coming to existence is largely on an unconscious or 'automatic' level. almost like cells that divide and replicate naturally. it is aware of the process it must take and does so accordingly. the cognition aspect of this is something that is occurring later on during its development. from birth to death we are receiving information from external stimuli. a lot of that info becomes conditioned during our early childhood. creating habitual patterns and ways of perceiving the world. i wouldnt know how to classify all the higher consciousness stuff, but in order to reach this higher consciousness we must first eradicate all that conditioning so we can see and understand the full potential of this consciousness.
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    Basically, consciousness evolves in certain predictable stages. At certain periods of evolution, you basically develop a new classification system with which you are able to interpret the energies of your surroundings. These are called "imprints," that imprint circuits of consciousness. These imprints define essential focus points for that aspect of consciousness. From these basic, un-specific focus points, a conditioning network develops around the concepts/signals the individual receives, solidifying the essential imprint through developments in linguistic/conceptual understanding of its focus points. The un-imprinted brain has unlimited potential, through which it sequentially develops these imprints to deal with certain environmental cues.

    In the newborn, this is the basic "safe/dangerous" imprint, formed from the front/back asymmetry in the "free-floating" perception of the newborn baby. Next is the "dominant-strong/submissive-weak" imprint, based on the up/down asymmetry of the crawling baby. Next is the basic level and type of intelligence, imprinted when the individual begins linguistically articulating hir mental concepts. Next is the socio-sexual imprint, that imprints your basic sexual role and social role at certain key points in your adult development, like puberty. These are your "standard" circuits of consciousness. Higher states of consciousness essentially exist through understanding higher levels of programming that go on in the realm of consciousness. This includes the intelligence of your brain, that understands the individual imprinting process, intelligence of DNA, that understand how life/species evolve over billions of years, and quantum intelligence, that is the understanding of the essential database of the energy of life itself.
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