games i can play with a shit graphics card

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    So my xbox broke, no warranty, now all I have is my has an intel graphics card that is pretty terrible.

    To give you an idea of its potential I can play age of empires 3 and wow with pretty good graphics settings, but fallout 3 crashes upon my clicking "new game" right after the loading screen starts (with all the settings set at minimum)

    Price is not an issue for me, does anyone know of any pc games that are fun but that don't require a great graphics card? As of now I have AoE 3 and morrowind.

    Your help would be extremely appreciated!
  2. Disregard this thread. I have spore and this shit will keep me entertained for a very, very long time...

    And i got diablo 2 just for the hell of it.
  3. i know you said disregard the thread, but theres a ton of great games you should try out.
    Check out Pharaoh, its an old city building game from the 90s, extremely dated graphics and gameplay but its so fucking addicting

    If you like MMOs, world of warcaft doesnt require a powerful machine at all to run it.

    Starcraft, of course, anyone could have told you that.
  4. Spelunky has pretty low requirements and is as addictive as future crack. Made a thread about it a while back:

    Spelunky - Killer Freeware Game

    Cool as a shaved polar bear in an ice cream truck.

    Yes, you did say to disregard the thread, but this thread could be a good reference for others in the same boat. So also, try Starsiege: Tribes (Tribes 2 also has pretty low reqs and kicks just as much ass). When it comes to old-school online multiplayer, Tribes (imo) paved the way for nearly every online shooter ever.

    Counter-Strike 1.6 is also a killer online shooter, simple graphics and voice com (great feature when there aren't 12-year-olds playing), only downfall is that it requires Valve's stupid Steam interface.
  5. Starcraft Broodwar is a old game, but millions play it - its amazing.
    They just released SC2 but it requires a GOOD comp

    Google Madness Interactive, its a jokes game.
  6. Dude, Counter Strike 1.6 is a game that ive been playing since I was 10 years old. Pick it up because in my opinion it is still the greatest multiplayer fps game ever made.

  7. Not on lowest settings, it's the same as WC3 graphics.
  8. If you want a little game that's easy to pick up, doesn't require a bomb graphics card, and will addict you for a few hours (especially if you're blazing), then pick up Plants vs. Zombies.

    It's not the most amazing game ever made, and for a tower defense style game, it's pretty simplistic. However, I was on that bad boy for five hours one day when I was bored out of my mind and all I had to occupy myself was my laptop and not a single internet connection in sight.

    But yeah, cute, quirky, fun game.
  9. Wow, thanks for the replies!

    I will try everything you guys said when I stop playing spore and modded morrowind (which I highly recommend for anyone in a similer situation as me).

    I think I'll pass on world of warcrack though, I was addicted to that goddamn game for a little over a year and I'm not going down that road again....

    Definately checking out starcraft 2 friend has a similar laptop and he can run it just fine on the lower settings....
  10. command and conquer renegade
  11. Deus-ex, for suuure.
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    Il second deus ex. But if your going that far back try kingpin: Life of crime ...see a few copies on ebay for buttons. Decent story/gameplay/graphics... has ridiculous gore in it, sweary words and a cypress hill soundtrack to top it off {albeit with no vocals}.

    Postal 2 share: the pain, springs to mind too although not as good as Kingpin.

    For a bit more up to date game il add Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic The Sith Lord.
    Super duper game.

    {done a quick google, and if you can play Age3 then you should be able to run Sw kotor2, released in the same year so that goes for something... and better than spore imo}
  13. dude what if you took the graphics card outta the 360 and put it in the pc?
  14. Then he would have a pc with a 360 chip sitting inside it....... doing heehaw.
    That umpossible.

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