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  1. I don't care about achievements like some people but they're fun to fuck with. And if my internet is down I usually revisit old games just to get some extra points.

    How many do you have and how long have you had your Xbox? I'm at 26.5k points in 3.5 years.
  2. I think I'm at 30k gamerscore. Same time as you
  3. I'm on my fifth gamertag, but i've broken 10k on all of my accounts. Currently, I'm at 13k, about to be 14 with a little more Gears played.

    Oh and I've had my new console and gamertag for a little over year now.
  4. Like fifteen hundred lol. I don't really go for achievements. On ps3 I was all about platinium-ing games. I mainly just play multiplayer on xbox.I've had it for about two years, it wasn't even turned on for probably 18 months.
  5. Im about to break 25k account ive had for... Bout 6 years
  6. I think I'm a little over 22 thousand, but I'm not sure
  7. i got right at 8k in 7 months.
  8. I'm at around 293k
  9. 15k in three years
  10. [quote name='"afgooitouch"']I'm at around 293k[/quote]

    Holy smegma!! How long have you had an Xbox account?
  11. Im at 21,625 and its been like 4 years
  12. Just over 22k in a year and three months.
  13. Almost 50,000 since like 2007-2008 ish I think.

    My buddy and I used to have a completion going for like a year and I probably got like 30,000 that year. But after that year I stopped even looking at achievements, I got sick of the things.
  14. Think its around 38,000. Got my xbox in March 2007.
  15. I've got like 3.5k had my account for around 3 years, but in this time I've basically only played cod and no other games.
  16. Like 13.5k I was thinking that was a lot.. had Xbox for almost 4 years.

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