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  1. anyone else play first person shooter games (or any games in general) and listen to certan songs? Lately i've been playin max payne stoned with a soundtrack and its been sweet. what do you guys all listen too?

    these are my songs good shootin music ,sweet when your high

    kurupt ft. nate dog - behind the walls
    jazzanova - coffetalk
    dj rolo - freestyle battle
    method man - da rockwilder
    doors - whiskey bar
    portishead - acid jazz and trip hop?
  2. I'm not into shooter games (too dull for me..I like adventure) but I love Portishead too...trip hop is awesome!
  3. Game: Diablo 2
    Music: Pink Floyd, Boards of Canada, Autechre, Squarepusher or Prodigy or classical (Tchikovski or Vagner particularly)

    Game: Soul Calibur
    Music: Trance, Drum & Bass or Conan the Barbarian soundtrack.

    Game: Frontier: FIRST ENCOUNTERS
    Music: Ambient hypnotic Techno or Classical (particularly Johan Stauss)

    Game: F-Zero
    music: anything fast like Gabber, vanishing point by primal scream (i think), KID A, Higher State of consiousness...

    Games: Doom, Doom2, Quake, Quake 2, Quake 3, Blood, Blood 2, DukeNukem 3D, Unreal Tourny, etc
    Music:prog Rock, Heavy Techno, Dark trance, Drum & Bass, sinister Ambient....

    Game: Mario Bro3
    Music: Mario Bro3 music.

  4. me and my friend play halo ripped out and we like to listen to AFI while we play, theyre pretty cool
    halo is an amazing game too
  5. i usually turn on the classic rock channel when playing games. I don't usually listen anyway.

    Diablo 2 was fucking awesome!! We got this cheat that lets you soup up your character to the max. I beat the whole game in one afternoon. funny, but i thought the guy at the end would've been bigger/meaner.

  6. I wish I were Calvin or Hobbes, and then I could try Sugar Bombs!
  7. i use to listen to cd's while playing games, but me personally, i think to get the full experience of the game u should listen to it without,, depends on if its something u just bought,, if its a multiplayer game that u been around, or any other game u played alot, than its enjoyable,, but if i am by myself i like to enjoy the music and sound effects the game provides

    i especially like good 2d handheld games with headphones while a tokin,, i bought doom2 on gba, which i know is outdated, but on a handheld, and out camping in the dark its a blast
  8. For shooter games i love to listen to fast & heavy music like Slipknot,System of a down & Limp Bizkit- "Break stuff".Music such as this puts me in a killingspree, and I just love it when blood spills all over (evil laugh here)
    P.S. I am really a peaceful & sane person :) (really!!!)
  9. xaijiqq- you bring video games with you when you go camping, whats the point
  10. counterstrike
  11. Tool and AFI are great for gaming,

    but the best FPS song is...

    Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up

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