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Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by FuckBeerGetWeed, Mar 26, 2012.

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    Just for blades that have a headset and actually use that shit. Any games, doesnt matter. Makes gaming so much more fun, especially if we're all blitzed

    GT: x Shade 45
  2. Mine is


    What games do you play?
  3. Cool ill add u

    Mw3, Bf3, red dead redemption, gta4, to name a few
  4. Gazelle612

    I'm down for some mw3, haven't played it in a few months though, so don't expect some SandyRavage shit or anything:wave:
  5. Snowpuma87

  6. keep em comin

    imma add u all
  7. b6 8ruc3

    mw3/ blackops zombies
    tekken vs sf
    usual shizz

    bf3, fifa, halo 3 and reach
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    U guys gonna be on tonight? Lets get blazed and play
  10. GT: BlackenedReign

    Borderlands, Fifa 12, RDR, Skyrim, Red Faction, Black Ops Zombies, anything really.
  11. Can anyone message me a 48hr code my GT is xgodsx BLUNT I got blackops mw3 skyrim
  12. Good thread idea! Glad I caught this one on my current threads.

    GT: Herbal Dreamin

    Games: BF3, MW3,BO. Mainly bf3 recently, got to 12th prestige in mw3 and started getting bored. Hit me up! I'm on a lot, just send me a MSG saying you from GC.
  13. My gamertag is xBruce Lee
    Add me blades

    I love playing the xbox baked

    I play a lot of shooting games, dont really feel like listing them
  14. high as a kite last night zombies till about 4 haha good shit

    MW3/Black ops (all zombie maps)
    Basically all shooters. I have every COD 4- MW3
  16. dark666souls is mine. I play Mw3, forza 3,4 and bf3 mainly

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