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  1. I consider myself a hardcore gamer. but the industry completely destroyed my love for gaming. everything is so focused on graphics instead of gameplay, and everything is catered to NOOBS!

    even gameboy games suck now! i played the new zelda game for ds and they try making it like a fuckin console version. gameboy should be a platform where games thrive due to the fact that 2d is acceptable (i know there are still good games for it, but the direction its moving in makes me angry.

    everything comes to an end, even gaming. i sold my xbox 2 years ago and dont really miss it too much. every good game get destroyed in the sequel.. gears of war 2 and 3, halo reach, i hear socom sucks now. its a fuckin slap in the face to real gamers. and on top of all that, the market is flooded with them.

    shout out to game companies like rockstar, and bethesda.
  2. haha yeah I fuckin love rockstar and bethesda! Dude theres gunna be Skyim, theres gunna be BF3. There is also going to be other sick games released holy shit though november is going to be awesome. You can still play the old games too man btw. I still play CS 1.6 and all that shit, its still fun as fuck.
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    Gaming always goes in "phases" every few years a company comes around and really pushes the boundary of gaming with a ground breaking title...

    Then there's a few stale years where every other company in the world follows the same exact "recipe" for a great game and everything becomes a rip off of the last title.

    Just wait, I think a few titles are going to be mixing things up here in the near future.
  4. This years gonna be good I was somewhat dissappointed last year, as a lot of games last year just seemed like cod copies, but reach was better than odst. I liked la noire a lot skyrim and bf3 are two I've been waiting for for a while bad company wasn't bad but I miss the old bf style like 1942, vietnam, and bf2 but bf3 looks like a improvement.
  5. I still like Reach but it's definitely no Halo 1 or 2.
  6. you should love Halo Anniversary then.

    I always wanted to play halo 1 on xbox live, the only thing they had back then was Xbox Connect.

  7. its still gonna be reach not halo 1.

    thank god because the only weapon in halo 1 was the pistol.

  8. well thats lame i liked the idea of an indestructible warthog

  9. the single player is just like halo CE. the multiplayer in a map pack/playlist for reach.
  10. Just play the older games?
  11. and these games do not get destroyed by sequels. gamers are just fucking nostalgia biased babies who dont realize they will never recreate the feeling they get the first time they play a game. they expect every sequel to deliver that feeling again and when they dont they cry about how the game sucks. Then they have to search for a reason to hate the game and trash it. (halo:reach..NO BATTLE RIFLE! THE WHOLE GAME SUCKS!)
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    Exactly!! Games are supposed to accommodate a wide range of customers. Making games geared solely towards hardcore gamers would greatly reduce revenue, and God forbid that.
  13. I'm not a hardcore gamer but I know how you feel, so even the casual/semi-serious players are affected. I will always put confidence with Bethesda though, I mean The Elder Scrolls is always great, and Fallout has been too.

    I have difficulty playing multi-player games now, seems like theres always the idiots that wanna either betray you or just go -20, although thats not the game devs fault.
  14. Some games are far worse than their predecessors, the baldur's gate: dark alliance crap, deus ex: invisible war, every sonic game between S&K and sonic 4, COD games after 3, DA2, mass effect 2 (gears of war pick your own adventure story), resident evil 3, resident evil 5, pretty much every resident evil spin off title, silent hill: homecoming, final fantasy from x-2 onwards, the force unleashed 2, c&c 4, golden axe remake, the crappy mortal kombat entries (4- vs. DC)...

    The list goes on and on, but some are subjective, reach is one of them. Personally I thought the campaign was a massive improvement over previous halo titles but the online feels like it's lacking something. Possibly because i'm not a fan of the power up/skill thing that's come into nearly every game.
  15. thats what i mean though. over all halo reach is the best halo yet, but people will pick out something like armor abilities and let it ruin the entire game for themselves.
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    Hopefully this doesn't 'age' me here :) I began growing tired of video games, around the time the 'extra lives' concept went out the window, and around the time auto-save, and the near-inability to lose due to a lack of skill, came around. There used to be a time when, if you screwed up too much, you'd have to start over from the very beginning. Now, the "Game Over" screen, is a thing of the past.

    Back when games gave you extra men (lives), I'd die every now and then and have to resort to using one or two, during the course of a game. Since they (for the most part) got rid of that concept, and most characters can now be reincarnated indefinitely, you'd think games would be harder to make up for it. But no, if anything, they're easier than ever.. Prototype was probably the best recent-game I've played in ages, but I wasn't killed or caught off-guard once during the entire game, or during any level of difficulty. It was still much more challenging and fun than, for instance, the recent Arkham Asylum.

    Games are no longer fun, if they're not challenging.

  17. That's true, but you have to admit that most of the time, developers are banking on that nostalgia value instead of trying to go above and beyond the call of duty by bringing us ever immersible and novel concepts to games. As an artistic medium, that's what boundaries are for, as a business, well, it's just business.
  18. developers bank on word of mouth from the old game selling millinos of copies of the new game.

    "oh yeah, gears of war? of course im buying the new one that game is awesome" -the kid that never played gears of war 1

    and Jdahms, go play griftball. halo reach is not halo anymore. you cant run in halo or jetpack. and no ranks. sounds like its noobed down to me. even the way you play it is noobed down. i put up allstar numbers when i stay away from my team and make a constant effort to be by myself. i get more assists like that too. if i played that way in halo 3 my whole team would get destroyed because you need to have a set up.
  19. If Fallout and Left 4 Dead met had a baby and fuckedd, Dead island would be the product of that.


  20. That's pretty much the only game I am excited for.

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