Gamer,loves bong rips

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Theone_N_onlyslater, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. Just join today! Same as the other stumbled upon
    This site awhile ago everyone here seems chill, so why not join.
    Little bit about myself
    Title says it all. Im a gamer and i love taking bong rips. Currently in the process of getting an apartment hopefully by December. 20 years old, working security for bayer.(a bunch of scientists)
  2. welcome to the city. I dub thee an official Blade.

    what games do you play? I used to play a lot of COD
  3. Why thank you. Digging the name "slightly not stoned enough to eat breakfast yet stoopid"
    I play a shit ton:) i used play cod alot i stopped after modern warfare after that it got repetitive
    At the moment its evil within, some injustice and marvel vs capcom. I recently started playing black ops online again( surprised people still play online)
  4. Hello
  5. I would play black ops again just for the tomahawks, I was addicted, had like 10K+ tomahawk kills by the time MW3 came out lol
  6. Welcome to GrassCity, So you a computer gamer, ps4, xbox? and I too like bong hits.
  7. welcome! I'm kinda sorta new as well, been here ages but lurked. Also a gamer but I'm more
    into titanfall right now. And Rift.
    I have crap loads of games but I go through phases. anyway nice to meet ya!

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