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  1. My fav game is Diblo II (i know I am a nerd ) and I was wondering if anyone has any games that they could recommend some games that are similar in nature?

    Yes I love RPGs
  2. borderlands, maybe warcraft 3, I'm installing dc universe online right now and I heard that its pretty fun. skyrim? Haven't played it yet but heard its sick as fuck.
  3. Wait for diablo 3? lol. It is already up for preorder I believe
  4. Yesterday I finished again Half Life 2, I mean I completed episode two and it was gorgeous as always, however the end of it is sooo intriguing that it's really a pain to wait for so long for releasing of the third one... Sometimes I think that it won't be released at all and that's extremely sad because I want to know so much what will be the end of this amazing story. Half Life 2 is one of the best games in my opinion and I think it deserves finally a good ending.
    And in general I can't say that I'm a huge gamer, however I like to play sometimes in various ones if I want to relax during my free time. My favourite ones are also BloodRayne, GTA series, Hitman, AlienVSPredator, Chaser, Prey, Serious Sam (but only the first one among all parts) and Painkiller. I like to play sometimes in flash ones and mmorg, especially The World Of Warcraft and Shaiya. And gambling is my other favourite type, I like slots marlen
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    I also want to try Portal Portal (video game) - Wikipedia too, as I know it was made by those guys who made Half Life 2 and got many positive reviews, I'm really curious if it's really so cool as it's said by many guys.
  5. Lol damn diablo 3 wasn't out when this thread was made


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