Game of Thrones

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  1. What a show. I just finished season 10 in episode 3 and I am so heartbroken I have to wait months to keep watching it!
    I really like the starks, and the Khaleesi. <3 I also grew to really like Jaime after he got released!
    Im so excited :D

  2. have you seen the trailer for season 4 yet? they showed shadows of the dragons... they looked so big. cant wait to see what the Khaleesi does this season.
  3. Read the books next, they're even better! :D
    I haven't.. Oh my gosh, I love the dragons! I have to watch it now :p
    I heard it was the other way around haha. One of the few :D
    That's fair, I actually like them both equally.
    But the books are nice because there's a lot more content. You get so much more detail and back story. I'm actually starting my second read-through because I feel like I just didn't quite catch everything the first time. 
    There are some definite differences too, the show makes sure to throw in things that didn't happen in the books so that book readers can be surprised too. :smoking: 
  6. Ahhh im so excited for season 4 for many reasons. :metal:
  7. April 6 can't come soon enough.  This season will be incredible.  
  8. I hope they kill king Jeoffrey in this season,fucking dick.
  9. I need to finish watching it, I watched up until 3 seasons now coming back idk wtf is going on.I just dont want to start over XD
  10. Really pumped for season 4  :hello:
  12. The books are a lot better. I better leave before I get caught up in ASOFAI and spoil something. Lets say shit hits the fan again and again
  13. I've read the books, and I love the show. 

    Starks are stupid. 
    How dare you. 
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    They are dumb as fuck...anyone who watches the show can see. They fuck themselves over every damn time. 
  16. Who cares if they're stupid, Starks have ruled the North for ages, and they are some stand-up individuals Talbot. Cept cat and sansa
    Pfft. King Torrhen Stark bent the knee like a bitch rather than face Aegon's Dragons. They haven't ruled the North in their own name for 300yrs. 
    And technically they don't even rule the north now. 
  18. I don't wanna give much away but after reading the books all I can say is, after Hodor becomes king of the north, shit goes down.

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