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    Episode Name:The Spoils Of War
    Air date:8/6/2017
    Summary: Daenerys fights back. Jaime faces an unexpected situation. Arya comes home.
    Story: After a summer lasting almost ten years, the words of House Stark have finally become reality once again: winter is here.
    Genre:Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
    Rating: 9.9

    GOT S07E04 Recap >>

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  2. Last nights episode was insane. Bronn is the goat
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  3. I felt as if i needed therapy after last nights episode. Great books and great show!
  4. Game of thrones is over rated af, the show is weird all they do is sleep with family members kill each other and shake sausages...

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  5. I mean, it is overrated. But you're forgetting about dragons and a naked midget
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  6. When they diverged from Martin's writing I was salty for awhile. Now I've accepted the show as it's own thing, and it's alright. It doesn't have any of Martin's brilliance, and the dialogue is a bit wooden, but the Ice Dragon tearing down the Wall was pretty epic.

    I'm not switching to calling Jon Snow Aegon Targaryen though :laughing:
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  7. Yeah last season was alright despite being the first season without material. But this season definitely suffered

    I'm fairly sure that d&d weren't expecting Martin to take over 6 years today give them some material. That really hurt the end of this show I think.

    And was not a fan of him being aegon. I'm sorry but noooo. Just too much.
  8. I was also pretty disappointed with euron this season. They said he'd be so brutal that it would top ramsy. And boy was I expecting some fucked up shit being done to Yara. But the finale passed and didn't even see her.

    Oh well. The pre weigh in for clegane bowl was cool. And rip reek. You shall be missed. And finally we know if you actually have balls. No.... No you don't. Metaphorically yes, but no. Ramsy took the banger and mash.
  9. Euron is such a failed villain/antagonist character. He is not even slightly interesting. Every time he starts talking I'm just like "dude no one cares go away" :laughing:
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  10. The most interesting thing was when he boarded their ship and his plank crushed someone's skull in. Lol.

    Honesty with how he was being compared as worse than ramsay I was expecting real dark shit, like Yara missing limbs or mutilated in some way.

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