Game disses Kreayshawn, the N word

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    Alright, now I admit, I dig Game's music, and such. I think I might pick up RED album, but if anything, this dude is probably one of the most annoying rappers when it comes to beliefs and interviews.

    Admitting also, I'm not a fan of Kreayshawn, I can say more, but I'm not the dude that hates like mad crazy if I don't feel a track or artist. Now I understand it's her and her sister "V-Nasty", who say the word "ni**a" all the time, but my main point isnt about who of them say it.

    Game:"You can't be playing with that word, some people will take it serious, especially coming from someone that's [not black]. There's a lot of tragic history behind it."

    Me, being a white dude, who has grown up with hip hop, & grown up with a lot black friends who came from the ghetto, and still today a huge hip hop head, I say that Game is simply contradicting himself. This type of shit really pisses me off.

    How are you gonna say that people will take it serious, and having a tragic history behind it, when you say it in almost all your records? Fuck, it's like these some black rappers have such a levity of the whole issue of the whole word, but when someone of the white race says it, its all eyes on them. A word is a word, no matter who's mouth it comes from, point black straight truth. Also saying that if someone can't say a word simply because of their race, thats being more racist than the word IMO

    Sorry GC, I had to vent
  2. Not another thread about this... :(

    I just think she uses the word to be controversial, she knew there would be controversy when she started doing it on a public platform and she did it anyways. It makes buzz for Kreayshawn and it's good for business, all in all. It's formulated. Just how I feel. There's a lot of other words you can use.

    As for Game, I think it's hypocritical because he perpetuates the use of the word. He knows he has white fans and that he's partly responsible for the fact the word has become "cool".

    At the same time though, hip-hop/rap tells stories about street life and the word is used a lot on the street and in the ghetto. If you look at it from an artistic standpoint, rappers and MCs use the word to paint a picture sometimes. Other artists just abuse it. And V-Nasty is one of them, she can use the word if that's what she wants to do but she looks like an ignorant little bitch when she acts like she owns the word and people have no right to be upset. No one would even know who the hell she was, she's totally overshadowed by Kreayshawn, except for this dumb controversy.

    Flame me. :p
  3. Not the word but the intent behind it
  4. Game became pure trash, only reason I'm looking forward to his new album is because Tyler, The Creator makes an appearance.

  5. Naw man, im not gonna flame you lol. and sorry if this posted again. I never go on this section of GC, even though I am a musician. So much BS packed in this section.

    and painting pictures, I think I would like to see a white rapper use the n word if he used it poetically and was a lyricist
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    It's amazing what some black people will say to justify the use of the dreaded "n word".

    Since they didn't get reparations for the trials and tribulations of their ancestors, they now want a consolation prize in being able to say the "n word".

    When I see a bunch of black guys in the mall walking around calling each other the "n word", it makes me want to go up to them and call them that because that's what they like being called.

    It's even worse when stupid ass white kids say that shit.

    It's a bunch of ignorant shit going around.

    For the record, Game is garbage.
  7. Ill give you a oz if you do this

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