game cigarillos?

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  1. so i found a pack of 2 game cigarillos in an old bag of my brothers. He has moved out and he doesent smoke anymore, so i took them. theyre like 2 or 3 years old but they were sealed in the package when i found them. how easy is it to roll these? and do they taste/burn well? theyre Vanilla btw.
  2. they are my favorite blunt to roll.

    They always come fresh but like u said 2/3 years old.. idk if they will be fresh but deff rollable.

    I get it wet (i mist it with water cause i dont like the taste of tabacco)

    Cut it with a knife down the middle, get the guts outs.

    If you need to, lick the leaf down to the paper.

    Now it should just look like a small blunt wrap. Then just roll it.

    Cigarillos are small so they are hard to roll at first but now thats all i roll cause they burn so slow and they're mad cheap 69cents
  3. Just smoke the cigar, it's not worth cussing at it for 30 minutes trying to pack weed into it
  4. i smoked one of them and sold the other to some dood for a dollar. rolled some dank up into it by deleafing and then splitting it. It worked pretty good and tasted great.
  5. best blunts IMO. You grind up 1+ Grams of weed. Then take the ciggarello and unwrap the leaf. Then crack the brown paper down the middle, the long way, and dump out the guts. Then put the weed in the blunt and it should be so much weed that you can just barley fold over one side of the blunt and lick it, then take the green leaf and lick just the corner of one end and stick it to one end of the blunt, then roll the leaf around the blunt, licking and sealing it as you go, after you should have a nice blunt that burns nice and slow, fuck ya!!!!!!!!!

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