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  1. You walk up to a table and find a deck of cards

    The instructions to the game of chance are simple:

    - You will bet 50% or more of your wealth
    - The dealer will shuffle the cards
    - The dealer will then spread the cards, fanning them evenly across the table
    - You will then be given an opportunity to draw one card from the deck
    - You must draw a 2-8 card of any suit to win
    - If you draw a 9 or greater of any suit you lose

    Would you play this game?

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  2. What is the name of the game? fanned-deck-playing-cards-casino_23-2147881561.jpg

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  3. How is this philosophy?

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  4. I once knew man made millionaire by gambling! He started off billionaire!

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  5. The game is marriage

    It's not for most people yet most play the game

    What is the game to play then?

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  6. Am I winning then?
    42 years this November.
    Marriage has to be a compromise between two humans, both have to realize that it is. Life will be a roller coaster ride.
    There will be the ups and the downs, as you get older you better prepare for the downs.
    Pride and ignorance need to be left out of the equation, although ignorance can be overcome.

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  7. Yo, any asian folks here? Why do my asian pahdnaz' usually have gambling issues, man?
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  8. I dont know why, but they do, that and cigs. The Filipina next door lost her house and job because of gambling. Its sad! My wife is mexican and she could easily spend all the money in our pockets, never lose a house but lose 500 and only be a little sad because she couldn't afford the buffet.

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  9. We're these egos who have potential which is lessened by the idea that were suppose to be dedicated to one person

    This isn't an argument for being poly, this is an argument for accomplishing as much as possible; an argument for human potential

    Yes, if a person persists to be with you and you see value in them then dedicate some time but, to have your existence to become defined by another person? Insanity.

    Your life's work would be hindered by achieving offspring and calling it quits. Family and marriage isn't the goal of life.

    Human potential is

    I would like to congratulate those who make marriage work as it is hard work.

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  10. Not SUPPOSED to be - CHOOSE to be.

    2 working together can accomplish more that 3 working separately.

    You're quite mistaken Jake. Our existence is not defined by a lifetime, a lifelong mate - it is accented and quality of life is increased by having a friend to come home to after a hard shitty day at work; I truly hope you're able to experience love someday.

    Who’s calling it “Quits” once beautiful young children come into the picture? Many would call it the Beginning.

    Jake - we finally were able to see our 2 older daughters yesterday after not seeing them for 2 plus months due to this virus crap. My oldest put herself theough college and has now been a Registered Nurse for several years.

    How could you possibly think that once she was born it was a matter of “calling it quits”?

    Well - at least thank you for that.
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  11. If I'm in debt if I lose do they win 50% of my debt ?
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  12. Yup :D
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    I think gambling is fun. I've always liked playing poker. Now I play a lot online. And I'm thinking about participating in tournaments. I think that every person who plays poker should be able to analyze. Tournaments are interesting for me. I learned how to analyze from Free poker HUD. In order for gambling to be useful it is necessary to give benefit to money.
  14. If you win, what do you win? Is it a 1:1 payout? 1:2? 1:100?
  15. And here u are, dickhead.
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    Well, this is almost an all in game, so if you get unlucky one time, you lose most of your money. In this situation, the risk is not worth, because the winning price is not that big. I like more to play something where you have more control of the situation, like, which is my favorite casino to play, because this is the only place where I actually make money, in all other places where I tried to play, I was only losing them. Now this is my source of income, where I can have fun playing and make money on it.
  17. Are Aces high or low?
  18. I'm sure it would be possible to calculate the probability of winning/losing, although I'm not good enough at mathematics to do it.
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    Well, assuming aces are "high" you can only win with a 2-8 which means that 28 cards out of 52 will be a winner (assuming no jokers), that's a 53.85% chance of winning, and a 46.15% chance of losing. Would I bet half my net worth on a 53.85% chance? Not me. I won't say that I will only go for a sure thing but I got to feel at least 75-80% chance of success with such a high % of my worth. I should say that it kinda depends on your net worth. If you are a 16yr old with a net worth of $1000 you are only risking $500, but if you are a 60yr old with a net worth of $1.5 million then losing will cost you 3/4 of a million dollars.
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  20. it is important to control yourself!

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