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  1. Question for the Americans on the city (99% of the city :)) Would have put this in the sporting section but its not really aimed at people who would conciously go in there, want the opinion of the non gamblers.

    Gambling in the UK is pretty rife, we have betting shops in every town, lots of them, fruit machines in every bar, people playing small stakes for pool, Poker rooms going off, larger Casino's in pretty much anything bigger than a small town, Same in europe however I dont think gamling for cash is allowed in bars because the fruit machines dispence tokens.

    How is gambling percieved in the US, I'm not a big gambler, today is the Gold cup so I put a £20 bet on that, will spend maybe £40 on the Grand national in April, other than that I have the odd game of texas holdem, not really staking above £20/£30 for a freeze out. I wont deny I have been caught the odd time losing upward of £100 but its rare.

    I know you have Nevada and New Jersey, is there any other states where its legal? And in the non legal states how easy is it to gamble?

    Just basically interested in the gambling culture in the US.
  2. I guess people don't go out gambling as much as you apparently do, we buy the shit out of lottery tickets though
  3. Gambling is expanding around Chicago. Goverment officials look to leagalized gambling as a way to generate revenue. I enjoy the casino from time to time, but I'd rather see weed used as a means to make money. Gambling fucks alot of people up.
    So I'd say the general population accepts gambling. Right now the college basketball tournament is on, and almost everyone who works in an office in the USA is involved with betting on the tournament in one way or another.
  4. I take the Libertarian road here, legalize gambling(non-aggressive, forced, violent obviously)!
    If you take part, you sholud know it's a negative and negatives have concequences.
  5. I live in NJ and am not a big gambler, some of my friends are and I we do go to Atlantic City from time to time .. I see it as bit of a waste, and hardly spend more than 20/30 dollars on slot or a few hands of blackjack at most. I've seen my friends go up almost 1k within an hr or two and end up betting until they were in for 700-800. Something about gambling keeps some ppl unable to easily walk away from it.

    I'm curious to know about non legal states as well, as far as how rife gambling is. I know here they have many illegal gambling rooms with various games (mostly run in urban areas, in back rooms of legit businesses) but knowing someone there is an admission requirement
  6. Gambling is legal here offshore and on Indian ground. It's big business and a significant amount of money is funneled back into the local economy. I teach post secondary school and all of the Choctaw students are fully funded by the casino industry.

    I don't like gambling myself. I'm very logical minded, and I see the math. I'd rather spend my money on beer or weed than drop quarter after quarter into a machine to see the pretty wheels roll - or have some dealer constantly pushing me to bet my hand faster...

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