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  1. Hey blades! Its been awhile so I'm wondering if there's anyone addicted to gambling?

    I am, I have been gambling every day for the past month.. either scratch tickets, or going out to the sina :laughing:

    I would even go out there with just four dollars or spend my last dollar not knowing when I'm going to make money, but usually make some in the next day or so. Or my boyfriend gives me five bucks or ten to gamble,oor even make it back on slots or tickets.

    But the only problem I have is not cashing out when I get to 30,40s and end up cashin out in the 20s or even to singles... kindve sucks but I get such a thrill.. and I was just gunna blow that money on other addicting shit or fast food.

    I know its probably not a great idea considering I only get 3 or 4 days in my job, livin with my dad, but I pay my car insurance, phone bill.. I just love the class of it, smell, lights, thrills... ahh

    So anyone here have an gambling addiction.
  2. Gamblings fun but can get out of hand like killin babies
  3. indulge responsibly my friend. hell of a thrill but can be stupid as hell
  4. Im a gambling addict.

    $30-$40 is harmless.

    I cant go to the casino and spend less than $250-$500.
  5. not a gambling addict but i eat da pussy
  6. $30-$40 really? lol that's nothing.

    When you loose > 2 stacks ($2000) in a matter of weeks/months then it's safe to say you have a gambling addiction.

    I had a serious problem back in '09, gambled my entire student loan away online in about 3 months. I had no self control what so ever at that time. If you do gamble, gamble responsibly. Don't just do it for the thrill or the rush.
  7. My girlfriends dad gambles away his entire paycheck the second he gets it and has zero priorities over gambling. He gambles before he pays the bills and rent and before buying food. Both her dad and mom are constantly starving and living off of shopping from the thrift store and going to food banks and rarely have any money whatsoever because when he does win he goes and blows it on a bunch of random bullshit. He spent the last of his money and took everyone to see the hobbit in 3-D when there was absolutely no food in the house.. I think he is gambling addict.

    I'm not legally able to go to the casinos unfortunately, and found out the hard way after winning a little over $100 :(
  8. How perfect, I happen to work in a casino and have been for almost 5 years now...

    I see gambling addicts all day. More than 4/5 customers that walk through the door at my work are addicts. I've never given a shit about any of them. They pay my bills and most are assholes even when they try to be nice. My casino is not a big flashy one that tourists go to. Mines small and placed in a blue collar city. I did not know this when I started, but when casino owners pick locations to put casinos, they target low-middle income cities. Wealthy families are usually smart enough not to gamble. Poor people are the only ones that chase their losses everyday for years and never figure it out. Compare it to the lotto. If I ran a country/county/city or anything, I would not allow casinos. They do nothing but provide jobs by making people poor. I just happen to be born in a time where jobs are not plentiful so work at one.

    Back to your problem. There are two types of gamblers that get the "itch." One is the super competitive type. I see a lot of basketball players come in and blow their paychecks. Before I categorized them with the rest, but this is truly a different type of gambler. They are there to lock in a win. They don't care if its 5$ or 1000$. They just want to feel the swings and walk away a winner. Most of them win small amounts daily until their day comes and they go on the inevitable losing streak. Competitive gamblers refuse to admit they are losers (even when it is all luck no skill) and raise their bets thinking they are due for a win. You can figure out the rest from here.

    The second type of gambler uses gambling similar to how an alcoholic drinks. This would be the most common type of addict. They go to the casino to escape their personal lives. A lot of them drink while they gamble. Psychologically, gambling has similar effects to alcohol. I recently finished a book titled "The Power of Habits" where the author study's different habits and why people have them. There was a chapter on this type of gambler. Basically, studies show that the most extreme gambling addicts can walk into a casino, lose everything, and walk out not knowing what got into their heads. After years of small gambling trips that seem harmless, these individuals train their brains to block out their personal lives so well while they are gambling that they get to the point where they blackout like an alcoholic that over drinks and forgets everything about "that night."

    Based on your post I would place you in the 2nd category. It is important to realize that you do have a problem. Although its minor now, it could take over your life in a matter of months (if u don't feel like it has already). I myself had a gambling problem that started 7 years ago and I still get that itch today. However, after losing so much, seeing people lose more, and realizing how different life is outside a casino, I've learned to control my addiction. I still gamble, but only occasionally and I'm much more responsible these days.

    My advice would be to find a new hobby. A lot of gamblers gamble because they are not good at anything else. Notice all the cheers and high fives when people win at the table? It makes them feel like they have skill. A casino needs to pay rent, utilities, employee wages, taxes, and so many other things. You can win any night, but know there is no way the casino is losing (as far as money from the table games and slots) and if u play long enough u win hit the long term where it's statistically impossible to be ahead. It's simple math, casinos keep games that have successfully done this more years.

    I don't usually give a shit about gambling addicts, but you seem young and your on GC so were family in a way ;) I'm 23 but I consider myself a lot older because I've lived on my own since I was 15. When I first started living on my own was when I caught the gambling addiction and when I think back it really is a lost chunk of my life and savings. Better for that lost chunk to happen earlier i guess but the shorter that chunk is the better. Casinos will be around when ur old and absolutely have nothing to do. For the time I would avoid casinos and work on something else that you think will make your life better. Find something your passionate about that also makes you think hard enough to escape whatever personal problems you may have. A lot of it is just talking it out with someone you trust.

    Hope your not a lazy reader and you took the time to read my entire post. A non gambler may not find it interesting but if you've been gambling it should make you see things different next time you walk in a casino.
  9. Meh you probably got $$$. I never have that much at a time.

    Unless you get it up with a 20 and bring it up to that much and lose it all.

    Everytime I come out losing I search the parking lot for money or vouchers. :laughing:

    I found ten buckks one time...but that's bout it.
  10. Lol classic addict behavior :p It's like me searching my room for a stray nug I might have lost months ago, I found one once so I now I think I will everytime...nope
  11. I read it. I think I'm a mix of both, I get kindve jealous when I see my friends doin' better then me on the slots, so I gamble the money I don't have.

    But before that my mindset on why I'm goin to the sina is just escaping it and having a little chance for an opprotunity. Or even scratch tickets I escape for just five minutes
  12. Hah yeah, I've done that before, with other items too :laughing:
  13. i would rather sit there and play games i know i can win. when i go i usually play poker with some success. blackjack is a close second, although you cant win every time.
  14. I play Liar's Dice on Red Dead Redemption. It's clearly not for real money, but I am addicted to it and love the thrill of possibly beating my opponents. Just try something like that for fake money. Then you will get your thrill but with no real life consequences.
  15. ^^shits addicting, I spent hours playing that mini game!
  16. I live like 10 minutes from a casino and i'm finally old enough to go in so yeah i've been taking advantage lol. I like playing slots, but damn i smoke so much when i'm there. Anyone else play slots?
  17. Or you can make a living off the casinos like my uncle has. He's taught me a lot and you just need to learn self control and play your odds.
    Totaling up end of day totals ive made id say around 1500$ and lost 400-500 making a 1k profit in bj alone. Learn to take a loss and when to walk away is what gets people.
    I play online poker to support myself through collge atm and occasionally play live games.
    I've been to the point where id drive 30miles home just to grab my last 5$ and try to make a comeback, you just gotta learn that lesson yourself before hou have a lifesavings at your disposal.

  18. Hmm..interesting, I just play slots though. Cuz that's all the casino has too offer.

    But there's a casino that consists just of cards and pull tab machienes, its connected to the bowling alley hah. Its in town and not on a res. I don't really check it out cuz idk how to play cards but sometimes I go there for pull tabs :p.

    I thought online poker was illegal now? Unless you're doin it underground, if you are, pm me? :p.
  19. There's a few sites I can tell you about and a few to stay away from. There's some loopholes that allow US players on some sites.
  20. Oh its only the us? I thought it was everywhere now. Yeah one of my old best friends, her dad was canadian but livin in the u.s so he just used a p.o box in canada lol.

    Can you p.m them to me?

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