Galvanized Inline Duct Fan

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  1. I have four of these , been running these for three years none stop .
    Never had one fail or make any kind of noise .
    These are commercial fans and I use speed controllers on mine .
    I have had one active air fan speed controller fail … LOL and it wasn't the oldest controller that failed it was the newest one ….
  2. I think you didn't get my question.. The question is, is the sucking air pressure very low but the air blown out of it very strong? Because when I put my hand near the part where it sucks air, I only feel a very light suction. But the air blown out is very strong. Is it meant to be like that? Or is my product faulty? Because I imagine the air sucked in should be as strong as the air blown out. No?
  3. Depends on the restriction on the exhaust side of the fan ..
    There is no such thing as sucking pressure … its called Vacuum and its measured in inches of mercury or inches of water in the USA . I don't know how its measured in the metric system .
    Pressure is measured differently then Vacuum .

    Pressure is created only by one thing ………………………….
    Restriction ….

    Vacuum performance is regulated by exhaust restriction ….
  4. I might get the term wrong as I am no expert.. Don't emphasize on my wordings.. I just need people to understand what I'm trying to say..
  5. I have just bought it newly.. I am hoping it is not a faulty goods. Does it mean that it is not normal? The air suction should be strong too? Because when I put my hand near the air intake part of the fan, it doesn't really pull my hand in.
  6. I don't think you fan is faulty . but with out measuring the CFM's Cubic feet per minute and comparing that to what the fan makers spec's there really is no way of knowing ..
  7. I mean is it normal to work that way? When air is sucked in, pressure is not that high. But the air blowing out is strong?
  8. yes
    your fan sounds like its operating normally
  9. Most fans have a lower pressure on the intake side than on the exhaust side. Some squirrel cage fans have a pretty high intake pressure but the way a fan works is by accelerating the air with the speed and shape of the impeller (fan blades) and pushing it out much faster than it comes in. It's just physics.
  10. A simple way to see how this works is to blow a cloud of smoke near the backside of the fan and watch how it drifts in to a certain point then accelerates onceit is caught in the impeller pressure vortex. It is blown out much faster than it enters.
  11. Okay. thanks for your help guys! Appreciate it.

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