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    Do you guys believe that the Galactic Federation exist or is it another plan by the Illumanati to prep us.

    I also had the thought that can the Illumanati even be trusted, and if they are so corrupt why even follow such fools. It seems that they go againt's Free Will and the right to choose a Right hand path. Are all Illumanati members following the Left Hand Path, and is there even such thing as a member or initiate being allowed to gaze upon the teachings of the Right Hand school of thought.

    Signing off with Ego........

    Ego loss is for certain the goal of many that choose to look to the Universe (Unknown) for guidance, but why is it that many who seek this enlightenment find it necessary to use tools that the Illumanati lays out for them, cause I am pretty sure these people bathe in the luxuries that Ego has to offer....

    I'm in the Illumanati
    I'm in the Ilumanati
    I'm in the Illumanati

    See what I mean, so much Ego.
  2. I'm getting my hair done like this guy, will that make me an illuminati, sexually ambigous or a pop-star clone?
    While we're asking questions of nonsense, I want in!
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    I did two years intern work for the Galactic Federation when I was fresh out of university.

    It was boring and unpaid. A lot of paper shuffling and diabolical laughter. I didn't much care for the coffee they had in the break room either.

    They did good work though.

    Long live the Galactic Federation!! [​IMG]
  4. You aren't in the Illuminati man. We have records.

    Sam_Spade on the other hand is a customary member, only because he plants our signs everywhere (he's just after money, you know).

    (Kind of deluded though I might say because he seems not to recognize our plan to let all currency collapse.)
  5. I thought there were no plans? ;)

    Or perhaps the better word would be "vision."
  6. Ever hear of the Akashic Records..?
  7. Hey, Illuminati is only a conspiracy theory.. At least the idea of it existing today is...
  8. Galactic Federation staff reporting in.


  9. If it's a vision, surely you "see" the economy of the world declining.
  10. I wish a secret society, guided by logic and reason (and someone who wishes to bring about a global-government probably is), controlled the whole world, it would probably be a better place for everyone.
  11. to infinity n beyond!
  12. Global government? No, n-n-n-n-n-noo...

    The day humanity governs our existence is the day we stop creating egocentric messes that just hurt those we care about.
  13. lol, oh what a shame! :p
  14. Aww man, that Buzz Lightyear reference totally destroy my Star Wars: Expanded Universe reference.

    This is fucking war.
  15. Bye bye stupid dollar.
  16. Galactic Federation my ass. Weak little club of do-nothing lazy peeping Toms.

    We all know who really runs the galaxy...

  17. It's only a matter of time.....

  18. The journey is long.


  19. Peace or the nation-state. You choose. We diverge here.

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