Gaining weight and muscle without Whey?

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  1. Whenever I have whey or any other protein powder after a work out, I break out with a terrible rash. What are some good ways to put on weight?
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    dude there's literally 100's of threads of people asking your exact question on gc already. if i can find one of the ones i've replied to i'll tell you what i did to gain weight (too lazy to re-write everything).

    also, you don't necessarily need protein shakes to gain weight. i personally think their shit

    edit: here it is. i found another thread i replied to on this exact same subject in less then a minute.

    about a year ago, i weighed about 115 (6'0 ft) pounds, i lost a looooot of weight mostly from amphetamines and very poor diet. I honestly thought it was hopeless to even work out because id just lose it all again cos of my metabolism.

    But now i weigh 165 (update: now i'm 175.) here's what i did:

    - i doubled up on EVERY meal (this part is very crucial that you do this). even if i where full i'd keep eating to help expand my stomach. eventually it became routine instead of forcing myself.

    - spend about 20-30 mins PER DAY (not every other day) just doing some basic workouts. i started with cardio to help boost my stamina first, after about of month of running a couple miles every couple days i moved on to lifting. its very important that you don't spend no more then 30 minutes working out per day. when you have a high metabolism, you burn calories super fast. so if you workout your body too much your gunna burn more then gain. make sure you eat a high protein meal before and after to get the most out of your workout as well. I eat a lot of chicken, tuna, turkey, fruits, vegetables. things like that.

    - i don't know about you, but im very hyperactive ALL of the time. im always tapping or moving my foot or doing some kind of physical movement. its important that you refrain from doing this, try and be as calm and still as possible and conserve your energy until you hit the gym.

    - DO NOT push yourself just yet, you want to take baby steps. it took me forever to get in that mindset. when i'd workout i would push myself wayyy too far to the point of exhaustion and it did more bad then good. you want to slowly, but surely keep progressing more and more each week.

    - I was gaining about 10 pounds per month, every month. and have a healthy balance of fat and muscle. There where a couple months where i was too busy to workout everyday but i made sure that i was doubling up all my meals because of my metabolism.

    - Pull ups and sit ups are GODLY and do wonders on the core. do them whenever you have down time. its what you should mostly focus on. But make sure to switch it up every week. i know people who switch it up every day but i personally seen better results my own way.

    - dont be afraid to take breaks for a couple days. when i first started out i was CONSTANTLY sore and tired. but after awhile my body adapted. i still get sore but that fatigue is slowly getting easier to manage.

    its been almost a year since i weighed 115 and i feel soooo much better. i'm not where i want to be yet, especially for my height. slowly but surely i'll get there.

    so don't forget! DOUBLE UP ON MEALS and keep the workouts short but efficient. its very, very important you do this or it wont work.
  3. Add more calories on to your diet. So basically eat more.
  4. maintain a 1-1.5 of protien per pound of bodyweight, eat 500 excess calories to your maitenance calorie intake (amount food you eat and stay the same weight) my maintenance intake is 3000calories and my bulking/mass diet is about 3500..

    Or just drink a galon of milk a day, that's how i started :)
  5. Oh I get such nasty rancid farts drinking whey protein. You can try Hemp protein instead, its a whole food. Supplements are expensive, save the $100 you would of spent on protein and buy chicken breasts, brown rice, veggies, lean meats/fish and eat eat eat eat

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