Gaining Experience with Indicas

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  1. What's up guys, I hope y'all are doin alright. I surprised myself this time and realized just how passionate I am about Cannabis. First off, right when I noticed my first one was a male and not even gonna be a hermaphrodite, I cut it down, germinated more seeds and thoroughly cleaned my grow area. Yes I had negative thoughts up until I planted the seeds. Just thinking I wasn't cut out for this and making myself indecisive shopping for different soils, researching companies and confusing myself when it came to fertilizers. Now, after using just a basic soil from FoxFarm - Happy Frog, I can honestly say I'd use it for all my indoor Indicas. There are 0 time release nutrients and no artificial additives. Happy Frog soil has everything a Cannabis plant needs. I'm sure you could just let it veg without feeding it if it's in some good FF soil. A few people have told me that and I see it's true. Still gotta water em tho. I only spray a lil flowers kiss on em once a week if they really need it. Today I got lucky and found an organic bloom booster made by a company name Jobe's Organics. I got the last one on the shelf and it just so happens to have a lot of the same mycorrhizae as what's in the Happy Frog soil. Plus other kinds and the same bacteria, but also some different kinds of bacteria too. The NPK ratio is 2-7-4 and of course has everything else a plant like Cannabis thrives on. The ingredients are 100% organic. Tho I haven't used it yet, I'm looking forward to seeing how it will benefit Cannabis Indica. It's water soluble and says add half a cup to 5 gallons of soil for plants in containers. I'll spray em once with flowers kiss early this week and later around Thursday or Friday I'm definitely tryin that fertilizer. So far it's lookin like I improved quite a bit from my first grow, which was a full blown male plant. It's crazy how I learned about both male and females from my first try. I also got an actual LED grow light on the way. Should get it Friday. I'm using all LED Bright Stiks for now. 2 5000k, 2 2700k here's how they're doin!!!!!! P.S. I think I over watered the oldest just a tiny bit... IMAG3742.jpg IMAG3747.jpg IMAG3749.jpg

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