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gainesville green

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by loudog1490, Sep 26, 2008.

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  1. im new to the city and have heard of a strain called gainesville green thats supposed to be some firreee shit. just wondering if anyone has come across this stran or lives in gville and has it
  2. i livein gainesville and i actually got my hand on it right now :p
  3. I've had "Gainesville Green" Nothing special, but definately worth the 50 an 1/8th i used to get it for, but here in tallahassee i tend to pick up much better buds than i ever used to for the year and a half in gainesville.
  4. I bet its like weed

  5. do you know for sure or is that just what some random dealer told you?
    idk...i guess its not a big deal ive just read stories about it and since i moved here i figure i might come across it so i was wondering how i can tell that strain from another
  6. No i know for sure, not that many people in gainesville carry it but it does exsist. The smell is different
  7. You guys are lucky, I moved with my wife near Daytona fron N.Y.C. i'm use to having a delivery service bring me what I want when I need it. Everyone I run into smokes the brick weed, with mad steems and seeds, I really miss the kind trees, but cannot find anyone who skoke good weed, I dont want to tell them there weed sucks but it's getting to that point. Anyone with any advice I'm all ears.
  8. I've got the same problem. Moved from Miami, where everyone has fire, to Gainesville. I've yet to smoke anything that lives up to those Gainesville Green stories. It frustrates me
  9. lol @ 'Gainseville Green'
  10. I am originally from Central Florida [FONT=&quot][/FONT]and I can tell you that the original "Gainsville Green" disappeared in the early 80's. For complete info on the original, go to the University of Florida's Orange and Blue web site.

    O & B // Fall 2003 // Gainesville Green
  11. tek is absolutely right.

    Real gainesville green has been gone since the 80's. It may exist in literally one or two private grow rooms, but it is not on the streets for sale.

    If someone called what you have gainesville green they were just being cute. If you need proof it was a cross of thai and hawaiian. Pure long thin sativa nugs. Not any indica at all.
  12. we call our good shit krypt now
  13. Dude I miss tallahassee weed some much...Its just so fucking sweet. Here in Pcola is shit, and if its good then it doesnt wiegh, I know I know I know its all about who you know well I know everyone I think so I say pcola sucks....man I wish I never left tally
  14. live in the chi town n gonna drop down to the Orlando area for a few days with my cuz but he dont know too many people..anyone got the legit hook?
  15. my manager at work lived in gainesville in the 80's and would tell me the gainesville green he got back was so much better then the stuff hed smoked in amsterdam back in his younger days

  16. 1. You can't ask for connects on here
    2. You sound like a fucking pig
  17. [FONT=&quot]I have been growing weed outdoors in Central Fla since 1972 and there is an area from Ocala in Marion county that stretches about 35 miles north to Gainesville in Alachua county that local weed farmers called the green triangle. (this includes part of the Ocala National Forest}. For some reason, that area grows the best “Kyrpt” of anywhere else in Fla that I know of. and yes, ondrugz is right; in Fla any dank shit is called Krypt. I have grown weed from as far south as Florida City to as far north as Tallahassee and the best always came from the green triangle area. Bithlo, a small town east of Orlando, was also known as a major outdoor grow area in the 70's & 80's (mostly bikers) The quality wasn't near as good as Gainesville Green but it was better then the Mexican rag weed that was prevalent at the time. Most of the weed grown in the Bithlo area in the 70's came from Columbian Red Bud, Columbian Black, and other lowland Columbian bag seed. [/FONT]
  18. no just tired of short sacks n bitchy fags who complain "I weighed it myself" so piss off
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