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  1. How can I get Gaia green organics in the united states or where can I get them from?

    edit: wild i just realized that they only show canadian retailers? i got mine from a fertilizer store here that specializes in no till. i wouldn't get so hung up on the brand name of Gaia Green but just find basalt, glacial and you could do granite in a pinch.
  3. I seen it on there but it doesn't give me an option to order it
  4. I just don't know what would be closest to it to use I'm starting out and I been watching alot of me. canuks Gro does it seem simplest out of most methods.vim just trying to find a way to get it
  5. where are you buying your other fertilizers at? stores have ordered products for me when i couldn't find them and didn't want to pay for shipping something that heavy.
  6. or maybe let me know a general idea of where u live? maybe i know or someone knows of a store?
  7. Chicagoland area
  8. joliet about 30 outside chicago
  9. Thanks alot too man, just for the support foreal it's greatly appreciated.
  10. well i searched the organic forum for your state and i found a few people saying they can't find stuff and no mention of stores or what not. theres members here who've mentioned contacting a rock quarry and they will have dust you can get from them.

    i would search google for bulk fertilizer stores and farm supply/livestock supply stores in the rural farming communities outside chicago. those type of places will have stores that sell in big bags minerals and sometimes cover crops for tilling fields that grow forage for livestock. they pay a bit of attention to minerals that go towards no till style than other garden stores that sell fertilizers. roll a couple joints and make it a day trip. you'll only have to drive out there once every two years or something.
  11. The 444 and 284. thats on Amazon Canada I don't don't think it sends to united states.
  12. Ok thank you I just don't know how to go about using that in the process or how much but I'mma look into it.
  13. Sorry the last message was to another person but do you Kno how I can find the 444 and 248 blends and get them here
  14. Why not just mix some coot style no-till soil and call it a day?
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  15. Can you tell me how or do you have a chart for feeding that won't burn or irritate plants
  16. Is it organic fertilizer?
  17. I'm trying to find something to replace Gaia green organic nutrients
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  18. Base soil mix (mix equal parts):
    CSPM (Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss) :
    Aeration (perlite, Pumice, Lava rock etc)
    Compost (quality is key here)

    Amended per cuF with:

    1/2 - 1 cup Neem meal or Karanja meal
    1/2 - 1 cup Kelp meal
    1/2 - 1 cup Crab/Crustacean meal
    1 cup MBP (Malted Barley Powder)
    1 cup lime (oyster shell flour or dolomite)
    1/2 cup Gypsum
    4-6 cups Basalt
    6-8 cups Biochar

    ***Small handful of worms per container***

    More info in the no-till thread:
    No-Till Gardening: Revisited
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