Gahhh... super gay day

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  1. So... I was excited because I haven't got to see my boyfriend since the 22nd, and tonight was date night... and I wanted to make it nice, I took out my piercings and wore a skirt & girl shoes and looked nice, instead of my usual jeans, t-shirt and skate shoes. And so I'm leaving around 4:30 to take my son to my dad's so they could watch him for me, literally one minuet from my house, I get pulled over.

    Fucking great, exactly what I need.

    So he proceeds to ask me if I know the speed limit and stuff, I say no bc I honestly don't and on my way back home 20 min ago, I found out why, there are literally NO SPEED LIMIT SIGNS from where I pull out onto this road, and to where he pulled me over, none at all!

    Then he told me I was going 48 in a 35, which uh... no I wasn't bc I saw the stupid cop and was saying to myself "I'm not speeding am I? No... 40 isn't that bad"

    Yeah dude fucking 40 isn't 48

    Then he told me he's gonna just write it for 45 in a 35, bc under 10 mph is easier to pay for... I'm couldn't say nothing bc I've only got pulled over 2 other times in my life and I always get tongue tied :(

    But anyways he gives it to me, and I think it can't be that bad... WRONG
    180$ fucking bucks for that!? This road is like 2 min from the god damn freeway, no one goes fucking 35, and there are never cops here. This is so bogus, especially the no signs shit.

    So yeah now I have that. And I go on to my date, I do have an amazing time to make up for that... but then I forget to ask my boyfriend for gas money and all I had was a gas card for one certain store that isn't open late. So here I am over an hour away from my house, and almost out of gas with my 3 year old. I pretty much wanted to punch myself.

    I started calling all my friends in my old town to ask to borrow 10$ bc my boyfriend already passed out and luckily I find one who woke up... haha

    I get to his house & wait for like 20 min and see his arm on his screen door and walk/jog up I'm like within reach of his door and he says "I would stop there if I were you!" I was like :confused: and said "uh....why!?" I hear two mens voices saying "There's a opossum..." I look for a min didn't see a damn thing and laughed and moved to the middle of the lil porch and said "Wait... you two MEN are scared of a stupid opossum!?"

    They were like "YEAH! It's a fucking opossum!!!" HAHAHA

    Highlight of my night... he's an ex-army man who was deployed and his brother looked like a freaking fighter person or something, and I'm teeny tiny and they were scared of a lil critter.


    But yeah... the good, the bad...and the opossum

  2. take it to court w/ the no signs for your travel route.

    judge could drop it and if the officer whom wrote said ticket doesnt show up, im pretty sure it also gets dropped.

    also: opossums are known to carry diseases and will attack if you get too close.

    vicious little fucks
  3. No disrespect but I stopped reading a little after you said you knew you were only going 40 and he said you were going should have asked to see his speed radar...Cops intimidation factor can make one nervous though so I can see how that thought could slip your mind at the moment. I will finish this reading later peace.
  4. I'm gonna talk to my mom about it... since I don't have the money anyways. But my city is notorious for it's police giving nasty tickets, I'm 100% he'd show up.

    And the opossum was already hiding, usually they're more scared of us than we are of them from what I've seen of them. I was just laughing at the men who wanna act all manly all the time hiding from a critter already hiding from them!

    Yeah I was kicking myself in the ass for not speaking up when he was there... but I already was stressing over where the hell to pull over at... and looking for the insurance and stuff. And trying to make my son stop screaming, it was a flustered moment :(
  5. lmfao an Opussum
  6. gotchya. best of luck then!

  7. Yeah...they should freaking dismiss it and put up some more signs. My address on my license is even my old town still, like an hour away, and he asked me if everything was correct on it, I said yeah so he couldn't get me for having the wrong info still, but I mean, for all he knew I was just passing through, that plus saying I didn't know the speed limit bc there WASN'T one... I should of got a damn warning.

  8. you should catch the opossum, give it it's shots and shit. then blow tobacco in it's face à la swiss family robinsons to tame it then give it to your boy as a pet/guard animal.

    he will roam the country side, a boy and his opossum, side by side facing adventure and wonder. fear...and love. tales will be spun and movie rights will be bought!

  9. dude, pass whatever your smokin...
  10. This.

    Marry me?
  11. Take proof that there are no speed limit signs along your route of travel and they HAVE to drop it.
  12. ya your day does sound very homosexual

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