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  1. Alright so heres the deal, tomorrow is graduation and of course there are gonna be some sick parties afterward. Anyways...I ask this one girl that I really like to go to this party with me, and I dont think she likes me but she said she would go with me. So that makes me think she might like me a little and when everyone gets drunk shit will be easy and cool. Then like 5 minutes after I ask this girl to go, another girl asks me where Im going after grad and she says shes going to the same house. Now I know for a fact this girl wants to basically make out with my weiner, but she is so much more boring than the other girl and not quite as attractive, but still nice.

    What would you do? Go with the better girl but risk getting shut down or go with the lesser girl but most likely get laid/get a girlfriend
  2. dude, menej et wua (SP) i never took french, but you catch my drift, or just go with the one who you first said you'd go with :p
  3. id go with the girl you asked. if it becomes clear she isnt interested at the party, move on :)
  4. You boys and thinking with their "weiners.." :rolleyes:

    I say go with the first girl. It is unfair to the second if you dont care for her then get it on.. especially if you know she likes you. If the first says no.. OH WELL.... is it required to get laid at that party?? Besides she might not be easy- if you care for her truly that probably wont matter though... see how it goes. Act interested in her.. etc.

    (again.. this is coming from a girl... SEX IS IMPORTANT.. dont get me wrong.. I LOVE SEX... but I still dont understand you boys and your readyness to pounce anything that breathes.. tehehe. Okay, thats a little bit of a stretch- I know guys are not ALL like that........)

  5. lol of course we do CP...("call it the little head cuz he has ideas"-40 days and 40 nights)

    and is it required that he get laid?? hell no, but i am sure he is gonna give it his best try :D
  6. dude go with the first girl and if she gives you the shulder give that second chick the pipe, it shouldn't be hard seeing as how its goin down at the same party.
  7. Why not get them both...thats what I try to do...common sense...two girls in bed=more head :D
  8. ..try to get w/ the hottie.. if she is just tryin to get a ride to a party and not get w/ ya .. go w the other girl after ur shut down
  9. You boys and your penis. :rolleyes:

    What would we girls do without you!?!?!......

    I concur. Two heads are better than one... (you can take that however you'd like.. ) :hello:

    GOOD LUCK GETTING LAID! IM sure GC will be pulling for you.. I know i will be. :D

    - just make sure you focus on giving her some as well..... guys and their selfish-ness..... im just happy I have a very unselfish guy. teheh.
  10. dude you already know the one chick want's to smoke your meat blunt. so you know that's in the bag. might as well go with the other chick and see what happens. maybe she'd like a hit of your cock too.
  11. Hey now without our wieners then you would be some cranky ass old women, HA HA! JK CP I was making a bad joke, but I say go with the girl you asked and if things go sour then go with plan b, get fucked up and hit on her some more. Kidding again, where do I come up with this shit. Good luck man I am sure you will figure it out and I am also sure you will think of the advice we give you tonight at the party. Good tymes bro :wave: JOE>
  12. Although I do love you men- I HAVE to point out, that without your wieners I am sure us girls could survive.

    .......just cause we are big kids doesnt mean we cant play with toys. :eek: and then we'd own the world cause you guys would have lost your brains!!

    the suspense is killing us- who did you choose??

    Girl A....??? Girl B???
  13. Well "Girl A" ended up not going because she "didnt fell too good"...whatever, so I went with the other girl. There was lots of flirting and touching but I didnt even kiss her, the main reason was one of my friends kept trying to talk to us. We even snuck off into the woods and he must have seen us because after 3 or 4 minutes he came back to try and talk to us *boner kill* anyways I scored a date with her tomorrow night for a comedy show at school and then we're gonna go "get stoned on the beach and watch the stars" (thats what she said) but I think we all know more than just star gazing will go down.
  14. what the fuck is wrong with your friend? is he gay or something? i think it was obvious that you were trying to get some alone time and he follows you? damn that's lame as fuck.
  15. sounds like you got cockblocked:D
  16. some guys are socially retarded. Most of us know the kind of guy, always in a nice situation with a girl and his dumbass comes running up and wont leave you the fuck alone......damn cock blocks

    awesome you got a date with her man, have fun :smoke:
  17. Ohhh man

    I just found out the same kid is having another party tomorrow night...I got like an 8th of dank and theres sure to be a shitload of alchohol at the house, I just called the girl and shes going with me:cool: Wish me luck guys Im going in:devious:
  18. lol are you like 12? look at your name "jasonjasonjason"
  19. i would tell girl B that you already promised you would go with someone else... but leave a sexy hint that you'll make some time for her or something lol. If girl A turns out to be a bust, then you know what to do haha, if not, then score.

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