Gah! I hate Bank of America!!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Corbrey, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. Bank of America, what tools they are. They are so bad with peoples money, because they are so big and worried about big business, they forget about the little guy, as in people like me and you!

    Well I went a little nuts with my card one weekend about 5 months ago and it ended up going over 400$ under, fucking 38$ overdraft fees is what did me in. Well I finally tried to pay it off about 2 months ago, I deposited a 500$ check my mother gave me to balance it out. Well it did, but only for 3 hours. It GAVE me the money, so I had 100$, and then I took 20$ out for a 20 bag, 20 for gas, got a pack of buts, some food, various things. Well I went home, and then went out later that night to get a new computer game, it said I didn't have enough money. So I went to the local ATM and it showed my account back at -400$. I was BULLSHIT!

    Two days later I go to pay off my account and find out what happened, and its now -611$!!!!! All those charges I did, even though my account SAID I had money in it, they hit me for 4 overdraft fee's!!!

    Well I finally said "Fuck them, I'm not paying that off at all!" and they started sending letters saying if they didn't get their money they would sue me for it. So once again, my loving mother goes out to balance it. After waiting 10 fucking days, the money is finally available for me to take out, it showed I have 138$ today in it. Well I go to get 60$ for Gas, bud, and cigs. But for some reason I can't take the money out. So I go inside the bank to the teller, she has the same problem, can't access my account, So she goes up to the manager who tells me to take a seat, he will be right with me.

    So I'm sitting there, and the bank manager walks out, and LEAVES! He goes to fucking LUNCH! So I'm sitting there, and after 20 min of him not showing up, I ditch to get a pack of buts, I come back 3 min later because it's right next door. I ended up waiting over 2 hours for this prick to come back!

    Well I sit down in his office, and he just looks at me and says "I'm sorry son, I can't give you any money from your account without a parent here." Now at this point I'm BULLSHIT! I said to him "My mom was taken off my account when I turned 18, don't tell me SHE needs to be here for me to get gas money."

    Then he tries to tell me some bullshit on how the bank isn't "Equipt" with the technology to fix my account, and that I would need to travel to Boston with my mom, and two forums of ID just to get 60$.

    FUCK BIG CORPORATE BANKS! They SUCK with money so badly!!!
  2. Happened to me. Once you deposit, it can take 24 or longer hours to complete the process. Like, if i cash my check Friday, and put it in the bank, i technically have my money, but i cant spend it until Monday.. or i get overdrafts too.

    I am not even aloud at my bank anymore. I flipped out on the manager, the employees etc.
  3. I also flipped out but not at Bank of America,it's Chevy Chase Bank that had me ready to pull somebody's heart outside there chest.I hope they don't screw me since I plan on opening a accont this friday,atleast now I KNOW to wait 24(72 if I go on friday) hrs before I spend my money.

    Bank's suck in my opinon,I'm getting a safe,or better yet buying gold since the US currency is gonna be useless in a few month's.(a little to early for that)
  4. I have Bank of America too and they suck...someone spent 900 bucks at best buy..and 200 bucks at wal-mart with my debit card, that was supposed to be cancelled. It wasnt. They said they couldnt refund my money because of my overdraft history charges...which is only 3 instances and thats not a big deal since ive had an account with them for 3 years.
  5. ^^

    I would have killed someone if they told me that.

    To the OP, fuck overdraft charges. Now I just cash my checks and take the money. I keep like 1.50 in my account so I can cash checks without worrying, fuck banks.
  6. Fuck banks. Never seen the reason to give someone else your money to hold onto. I dont need a fucking parent to hold onto MY money that i work my ass off for.

    I have over 10 grand, cash, stashed in my lock box. Id like to see someone charge me for "over spending" my money. Fuck that, i work too hard for someone else to profit off my hard work.
  7. Somebody woulda gotten fucked up messin around with my money like that.
  8. At least use a safety deposit box. 10 grand in cash is a lot to lose. One home robbery and your fucked.

    But banks are good if you want interest. Even though the interest rate is so low it is almost not worth it. Deposit enough money and you can live of your interest.

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