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  1. I think it is hot to finger fuck a girl with her panties on and then stuff them in her mouth while you are fucking the shit out of her.

    Anyone else in to this?
  2. Ha! Sorry man but that shit made me laugh :laughing: .
  3. What's so funny about a fairly common fetish, gagging, mixed with domination and control, using their own panties against them? Sorry, but your avatar made me laugh, I hope those aren't your boobs pressed against a wall on full display for an entire community of people to see.

    btw, OP I also find this hot, my girlfriend can also attest to this.

  4. I guess we can always tie her up and piss on her too.
  5. I like both of them

    she doesnt like it when I pee on her though LOL

    she doesnt mind being tied up

    actually sometimes asks for it
  6. gags in general are hot. Used panties more so.
  7. Never been into or tried WS. Interesting
  8. This thread is just nasty.

  9. read the one i made
  10. Wow.. way to come off as rude, man. I never said I don't enjoy shoving my ladies dental-floss-thin panties down her throat as I fuck her. I just said it made me laugh :) .

    So you are into punishing sex but tits against a wall makes you giggle?
  11. Id love to shove my panties in my guys mouth and make him kiss my shoes....what?
  12. Panties? Fuck panties I'm ramming tampons in mouths.

  13. lmao!!!!!
  14. I do think its sexy to get finger fucked with panties on... but I've never had them shoved in my mouth. None of the guys I've fucked have been rough enough.

    I'm kind of hoping someone does this to me now lol
  15. [quote name='"yellow bic"']


  16. [quote name='"treelover"']Id love to shove my panties in my guys mouth and make him kiss my shoes....what?[/quote]

    Im down with that...

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