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Gaging while exhaling, smoking??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by weedhigh, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, so I have a little problem.

    I smoke with buddies a lot, and when I inhale the smoke everything is fine, but when I exhale it's like I want to puke, gag, and it's just a weird feeling...

    But what surprised me was something that happened yesterday...

    I decided to roll a joint before bed and went out to smoke it (it was really, really freezing out- just saying :)) anyway, I smoke and when I exhale everything was the same, just ''magnified'', the gag reflex was huge and every time I exhaled, I thought I was going to puke, then I went to bed and when I tried to fall asleep (laying on my hip) it was like I was on a ship that was moving left and right super fast, and then back and forth, and then left and right again.
    I love marijuana, and I love how it helps me, so please help me enjoy it more.

    P.s., I wasn't even taking big hits, because I knew it could make me vomit.

  2. It could be the quality of the bud. You mentioned joint otherwise it could be a dirty piece.

    What are you smoking? If its regs, chances are it could be the bud. Try getting your hands on some mids or even some dank just to rule that out.

    Another option is getting it from someone else. Maybe the person who grew what you're smoking didn't do such a good job.

    How long have you been smoking? Sometimes it just takes some getting used to.
  3. Thanks for the reply,
    the problem is most of the time it was mids.
    However, this hasn't happened always, I remember smoking (not such good quality buds) and not having that happen to me, so I'm very confused, I hope it just goes away or something :(.
  4. Or could be how you are inhaling (not tryin to hate =P) try bringing the smoke into your mouth by pulling on it like you are sucking on a straw (obviously) but instead of pulling it right into your lungs, try closing your throat off and playing with the smoke, also make sure you do not swallow the smoke, (their are two tubes). Idk i only ever have this problem when i swallow smoke, like form a bong orsomething. idk hasnt happend to me in a whilke though. Best of luck my friend.
  5. Well I inhale correct, trust me :p. It's basically: drag the joint, remove the joint from mouth, deep breath :D. And I do exactly that, sometimes I even play with the smoke, I shall smoke some more (soon I hope) and let you guys know, but meanwhile, if anyone has any tips keep 'em coming.

    Thanks for all the kind words :smoke:
  6. Blow smoke out nose. Its mainly a mental problem.
  7. dry weed? my moneys on it burnt really quickly cause it was dry causing the smoke to burn hotter. i know when i get some super dry bud and im pulling yellow tokes from the bong, i have almost puked before.
  8. I try that often, but I always have to let some of it out my mouth, and I always thought it's just me, but when I asked my friends about it, they said it's the same with them. Next time I'll try your tip, thanks :).
  9. This Has Happened To Me Once Before When I Had Bought Off A New Connect . Never Again , I Would Go In And Out Of Conciousness And Have The Same Feeling As You . I Thought The Weed Was Laced , So Try Picking Up Off A New Connect As See If You Have The Same Reaction .

    It Could Also Be The Weed Was Moldy/Dry/Etc.
  10. Had the same problem. When you start to smoke some more or have more experience that gagging feeling will go away. Sometimes it gets me too.

    What also can help is exhale very slowly a few times.

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