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  1. I have recently been experimenting with this wonderful drug. It is used for various things, such as, nerve damage, mood disorders and anxiety. I hear its a fairly new pharm.

    It gives me a great feeling. Mostly of pure bliss and happiness. Just like any other pharm. some people will react differently and might not like the effects.

    More talkative, it seems that I can do everything more effectively.

    If anyone has taken this drug, I would like to hear your experiences.

    Stay safe and love life blades.
  2. man everyone i know hates this drug, but i absolutely loveit!!! i am so muchmore talkative when onit, but youhave totake a lot of it, like atleast 1500 mg to make it work
  3. I've taken 3200 mg before with some opiates, and it felt strange yet good.
  4. I took 20mg hydrocodone with 1200mg of the gaba. It is sort of strange, i have to admit. Fingers tingle at times. Its good for me to take before advance comp. and speech class. Gets me motivated and ready to give a MLK esque speech.
  5. How would one get ahold of these?

    I hear when mixed with some chronic the effects are quite nice! :)
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    Im not sure of any specific way to get them. I just know someone who was prescribed them and got 100 for $50.

    Good friend :)

    but yes, combined with come nice herb you will get a very nice body high.
  7. seems like i could get some since we live so close together OP :)
  8. haha elizabeth is like a 30 minute ride...whats goody lol

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