Gabapentin experiences?

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  1. Gabapentin/Neurontin is marketed as medicine for seizures and nerve pain, but it's prescribed off-label for anxiety and other random stuff. Probably not well known, but for some people-myself included-it's a wonder-drug.

    I've had pretty mild anxiety for a while but not too long ago it started flaring up and I'd get some anxiety attacks and such. All my life I've been shy and severely lacking in confidence, but after I pop a couple of these suckers, I feel like a P.I.M.P. Tons of confidence, like I could grab life by the balls and do anything, lots of energy, and a nice warm calmness. I also have an appreciation for everything around me, I see beauty and God in everything I see. All this last mostly all day.

    I get 600mg which I am suppposed to take every 6 hours (4 a day). Taking one at a time keeps me cool and collected but not like I described above. Some days I decide to induce a fun day and take four or five at once to get the desired effect.

    A lot of people don't feel much from these things, but check out the gabapentin page on erowid and you'll find quite a bit of people with lots of praise. From what I hear it's virtually non-addictive and doesn't build up much tolerance. All things considered, it's much better than painers.

    Sucks to be anyone who can't feel the effects. Medicine for the soul, fo sho.

    So there's my experience, anybody else tried this stuff?

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