G8LED Question: (2) 240W vs (1) 450

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by jmac024, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. Hello all,

    Thinking about a possible LED setup. Assuming I can get either setup for around the same price, would it be better to have two 240W LEDs or 1 450W LED for the value? Common sense seems to tell me to go for 480 total W, but I believe I have read before that it is better to just have 1 light?

    Another question, it says they really use 140W, are these really going to be that much better than the cheap Mars 300 that puts out around 130W true?

    I could also add 2 of the G8LED 90W flowering lights to combine with 2 of the Mars 300, that would be around $260.

    Both can be seen here: Buy G8LED Grow Lights | Price Match Guarantee

  2. i use a meizhi 1200w (600ish real watts) and its working out great,
  3. Don’t waste the time or money on these types of lights. Go diy. Cobs and quantum boards. They’re inexpensive compared to their pre built counterparts, and not hard to build if you can use a drill and a screwdriver. And 1000 times better quality.
    And no 140w isn’t gonna really be any better than a mars 300
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  4. Is there a guide on here somewhere?
  5. I’m sure there are a lot of them. Just search the forums.
  6. Anyone else?
  7. Gro_Darkstar is right. If you want to see some really professional builds check out the LED section on Rollitup (another board.....ps sorry GrassCity but the engineers dont hang out here.)

    Bridgelux Vero COBs
    Samsung F strips
    Bridgelux EB strips (gen 2 coming soon)
    Quantum Boards
    Probably the only 4 things you need to look into.
    You can just buy the QBs and COB panels now online, or kits even.

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