**G4tv 420 special is on RIGHT NOW **

Discussion in 'General' started by Keweedsmo, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. tune into G4TV attack of the show " Happy 420 "
  2. they seems kind of fake
  3. haha yea im watching code monkeys...to bad im sober....waiting on some late-ass running mo-fo's:mad:
  4. Looks like they're just trying to make money. You know how it goes.

    It's chill that a cable station has a special commemorating our holiday, though. No matter what anyone says, 4/20 is for real.

  5. I'm really surprised at how much they showed. I kind of thought the whole thing would be subtle hinting, but they showed buds and everything.

    Everyone is cool, but the host, what's his face. He's an idiot.
  6. Oh hell, even Comedy Central had their "Blazed and Confused Sunday"
    I even got to see Nice Dreams!
  7. nuglord... ahahaha. that guy's face in your signature. amazing.

    i watched like 1 movie on blazed and confused sunday.. i didn't get to see the g4 420 special. they really showed nugs? how so?
  8. The entire show was about marijuana.

    They showed stores, the vending machines, all kinds of different strains, the biggest headshop in the world...

    What's his name went through a marijuana field.

    It sure is exciting seeing that on TV. Decriminalization is just around the corner! :hello:
  9. wow! that's pretty ill, dude. i should have tuned in. i didn't think that channel had anything worth watching ever since they destroyed my beloved TechTV, and along with that, my passion for being a nerdy nerd nerd.
  10. Yea, the channel lost a lot of good shows, there's still some good ones though.

    The Japanese shows are pretty awesome...some of them anyways.

    And I enjoy X-Play.

    Oh, and COPS. I think I've seen every episode that they play. :D
  11. hahaha yeah they do have cops! i don't mind watching that, ever.

    but dude.


    those fat guys. ugh. i miss em. and bro, they used to play some SICK anime real late at night. like, galactic shit that i'd never seen before and i'd usually be blazed out of my fucking mind and see some of the coolest anime ever on a nerd channel. it was bomb.
  12. man the channel lost so many good shows

    I miss tech tv, old xplay, the screensavers

    shit, 95% of g4 is dissapointing now
  13. Kevin Perrera and Olivia Munn host attack of the show, god dam olivia is so fucking hot. Yea they had the same thing last year, they went to amsterdam, this year they went to jamaica

  14. Yeah but im pretty sure shes married so thats somehow a turn off.

  15. Yeah I believe she is (http://www.chickipedia.com/Olivia_Munn)

    Shes pretty hot, not very smart, but she is smart enough to feign an interest in video games and technology, which makes her the perfect host for a talk show watched primarily by nerds and teens.
  16. I wouldn't care if she was married, not like im gonna take a shot at her :D Still pretty hot. I never really cared about the games and tech stuff, but now I watch that show all the time.
  17. Yea it was definitely cool seeing that on cable tv , hopefully a bunch of non-smokers were watching . For the most part , attack of the show completly promoted cannabis (even though it kept saying that they didn't) . Did anyone else see the part where the jamaican guy was making some mushroom tea ? I didn't know that shrooms were legal in jamaica ... They actually showed some statistics that explained how much less-harmfull bud is compared to other hard drugs ( such as alcohol ) .

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