G3 s.d and c.p

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  1. I’m doing my third grow in sequence so I figured why not start a journal as my purple punch x cookies and sugar magnolia plants finish flowering I have bought some sundae driver and cherry punch clones for 20$ a piece from Mendo bros then I went and got me some premium coco with perlite a 70/30 blend with floramax coco a and b with floramax cal mag I transplanted into bigger containers earlier and fed but I didn’t water until run off should I have [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Sounds good.
    Yes always water to runoff.
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  3. when small like that, I usually feed with a syringe a few times a day. Your close enough that you can feed to runoff though. Just might not need it daily yet. Feel the pot tomorrow and if still heavy with moisture, skip a day so you don’t over water them. How did the last grow turn out for you after supercropping?
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  4. Still got a couple weeks left flushing at the moment but the buds never developed fully I believe it’s because of the genetics I used they weren’t stable at all I didn’t have any factors that would make it herm out on me but they still did sadly buds still smell delicious and not a lot of seeds just a pod here n there or on the lower canopy which isn’t my cup of tea
  5. When should I change my light on them
  6. do you mean to flower? If so, wait until your canopy is just about full then flip for maximum yield.
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  7. No for veg I have them under a screw in led bulb I’m gonna be placing them
    Under a blurple for a week until I get these flowering plants out of my bigger tent so I can throw them under my 288s
  8. anytime then. Just watch how close so you don’t burn them
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  9. Sounds good
  10. IMG_0848.JPG when should I upgrade the light
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  11. IMG_1091.JPG IMG_1093.JPG IMG_1092.JPG IMG_1087.JPG IMG_1088.JPG how do they look should i chop

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