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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MellowGreens, Mar 22, 2004.

  1. Hey i was wondering how i could tell if my bud was G13 or not ( like what to look for before i buy it ) and also how good it is. If you could please post a pic.
  2. cant
  3. whys that? and do u know what the G means or is it just a name.
  4. if the bud looks good, then be happy. if it doesn't, don't buy from that guy ever again. don't worry about verifying the strain, since there's pretty much no way to be sure.
  5. only way to truly know if a bud is a certain strain is to plant the seeds yourself, or trust the guy who did. Other than that its probably people talking shit to raise prices and sell shit faster.
  6. thanks guys
  7. highly unlikely it's g-13, as it's a strain that no one seems to have the original left, as far as i know........they all have crossbreeds, but if anyone still has the pure strain, then they are keeping tight was sup[posed to be a superstrain that the U.S. govt developed, and someone managed to get their hands on it........well that's the way the myth out.........Sid
  8. thats my understanding G-13 is the stoner urban legend.....
    i would say like the white buffalo but that at least has been seen and documented
  9. anyone ever heard of humbodlt county wear house? ive met some one who's old dealer worked there supposedly, think it exists?
  10. I have had what I believe was legit G-13 and it was very good, of course. I remember it being very hard, that is to say very solid. It had a few dark red hairs scattered throughout.
    Really nothing all that special, I've had tons of weed that was even better, but not by much.
    Other than that, if you want to know if your bud is G13 or not...well if your dealer tells you it is, then it's not.
    Oh also the G stands for government, supposedly the strain was developed by the american government for research.
  11. ^^ i heard it was to distribute to the public?

  12. Somehow me doubts this very mooch.
  13. yeah, you got some of that blackzebra hairy hide shit.
  14. I dont know about g meaning goverment, but i heard on this pot documentery that the highest level of thc a plant has ever produced is 15 percent, i mena im talken 2 or 3 plants in the world with the best growers ever, so anywho the thing is that highest level weed in cerculation witht eh general public.

    any way, im gonna go take bong hits and pass out for the night

  15. maybe at the time, but Blueberry has been known to go to 19-20%.........Peace out........Sid
  16. Personally I've had two people tell me they had some G-13 over the years, all of it was really just decent bud.
  17. ive heard of buds being at high as 23%, blueberry
  18. This forum is starting to suck.
  19. I laugh whenever someone tells me they can get G13. It's mostly a bunch of 15 year olds that don't know they're getting fucked. The drug trade is sad really, it's not any better than corporate america.
  20. it is way better than corporate america...that doesnt get you high :D (although, it also doesnt get you arrested :p)

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