g13 thai skunk when should i switch to bloom?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by 03zya, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. so i planted some g13 super thai skunks and one is like 3+ feet and the other is only about a foot and a half...planted on april 15'th and now it is june 8th or whtvr..when should i switch to bloom nutes?
  2. well first you have to put your lights on 12/12( you probally know that). switch to bloom at first site of buding. useing bloom nutes on a veging plant does not make it bud faster.
  3. I usually flush a week or so before I go to 12/12 and add a small amount of Bloom and some Cal/Mag on my next watering. After that I use doses of Bloom and Boost, along w/ some Cal/Mag. You do not need to see signs of preflowers before using the flowering nutes.

    If you prefer not to flush, just go str8 water for a couple waterings then go to the bloom & boost nutes.

  4. Looks like some people have their own way of switching nutes for flowering.
    I'm not saying this is the right way, but i just flush each plant with 10 gallon of plain pHed water (from the tap), then when the soil is almost dry, i switch to 12/12 and start to use the flowering nutrients.

  5. Pretty much what I do. I flush a week or so before I switch over and do not water until I notice the soil is good and dry. I find that giving a good flush before going to 12/12 uses up most of the veg nutes in the soil and plant, then when you begin to add your flowering nutes it is getting what it needs to flower. It will not speed up the process at all, every strain, and even some similar strains are show signs at different points, but it does give the plant what it needs when it needs it.

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  6. [quote name='lessismore']You do not need to see signs of preflowers before using the flowering nutes.

    true but why not grow that baby taller and get a few more buds

  7. unless space isnt a factor here u can but you wouldnt want to let the TSS to do its thing because it takes its time and grows tall.. rly tall hehe

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