G13 PEx3f 250w MH/HPS soil SCROG?

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  1. G13 labs Pineapple Express x 3 feminized - 250w MH/HPS. FFOF Soil.

    Hopefully something comes up or this will be the shortest grow thread in history.

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  2. Be careful with the HPS on seedlings. It can burn them up quickly if it's too close.
  3. yup back the light intensity off
  4. That's the MH bulb and the distance is much farther than it looks. It's at least 24 inches if not more. I will move them up after they sprout. (hopefully)

    Thanks for the response. :smoke:

  5. I will move the bucket.

    Although, I have done my last three grows exactly like this. :D
  6. Good man, looking forward to this one!
  7. 18 hours - no sprouts. I'll check back around 24 hour mark.
  8. 24 hours - no sprouts. :cool:

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