G13 labs + White Label Seeds

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Cold Play, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. I recently ordered 10 Afghan Kush from White Label Seeds. Apparently their parent company is Sensi Seeds. I also got a free Pineapple Express from G13 Labs.
    The Pineapple is at 3 weeks. Very healthy and lots of leaf sets but short and stubby. The afghan kush's sprouted 8 days ago and are looking kind of yellow on the inside.

    I heard both distributers have bad quality seeds. Is this true? My Afghan Kush was very cheap from attitude at only $50 CAD for 10 Afghan Kush.
  2. In my opinion it is that they are bad quality seeds, with good genetic makeup. When you collect seeds, you sort them. Colour, stripes, size, fullness, intactness, wrinkled or not. The ones in the white label are all the ones with that name that didn't make the cut, and in my experience, you get 2 that look like hell, 2 small white or green ones, 2 non-striped and almost tan, 2 large tan or light brown ones, and 2 almost full sized, lightly striped or with some stippling or striping in some spots and pale brown or tan. About 5 will germ, about half are female, and they will be great plants. Good genetics, second rate seeds...

    I rather like G-13. Grown many of them out to fine looking specimiens that make good smoke.

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