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  1. Hey blades,
    Been hanging around for awhile, started a journal a bit ago but didn't really keep up with it. I want this one to be different, and hopefully will be helpful. Not many guides on Gigabud, so I hope I do okay with this.
    Here is my setup:
    Secret Jardin Twin - Top Veg/Bottom Flower
    T5 for Veg, Mother, Clones
    Clonex and rockwool cubes for clones
    600w HPS for Flower
    600 CFM + 6" inline
    Big can filter
    Exhale mushroom bag CO2
    Humboldt Basement mix with extra perlite
    1 gal pots
    General Organics line
    Just added some new nutes to the lineup, so we'll see what kind of difference they make.
    Have been running this setup for almost a year now with pretty decent results.
    Anyway, now to what you guys really want.
    Mother is over a year old, need to split her and make her into 3 different mothers. Hope to revitalize her that way. Just took 5 clones off her today, they are the 5th image. #4 is 6 clones I took 5-15, into the white pots on 6-3.
    Flowering is pic 6-10. 600w HPS in air-cooled hood. #7 has been flowering since 3-28, #9 since 4-27, and #10 since 6-7. May didn't get any clones, just spaced it I guess.
    This grow is basically just for my gf and I, but would like to get into other strains and expand a bit.
    Please ask me any questions you have.
    Thanks, enjoy!


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