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  1. bout 5 weeks from seed the big one & closeup male or female?

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  2. I think those are just new leaves coming in, not sure though i could be wrong. You'll know for sure if it grows little sacs. Have you had it on a 12/12 light cycle? That forces it to show its sex. I think 5 weeks might be a little too early for the 12/12 cycle though? Wait about 2 and a half months before you start that
  3. I'm going to switch to 12/12 once it's 1/3 of the size I want it to be in the end. I read that somewhere on here and it sounded good. I think another 2 weeks and I'll switch 12/12 that'll be like 7 weeks of vegging.
  4. serji is correct. once you swith to the 12/12 light cycle, the plant will begin to flower. after a week the sex should be clearly visible
  5. how many 26watt cfl's is good to flower a 2-3 foot plant?
  6. just sex it then reveg it...

  7. Its all about lumens per square foot. Figure out the sq footage of ur area, then find out how many lumens you are putting out and divide that by sq ft. This will give u lumens per sqft. For reference, the sun kicks out about 10k lumens per sqft on a sunny day. To get good results you want at least 5k-6k, bare minimum of 3k per sq ft.

    The more light the merrier.
  8. but also try to get the most light with the fewest amount of bulbs. spending more on bulbs will save you in the long run. less power usage, less need for fans, less outlets used, etc. those 4 prong daylight cfls put out alot of light. you could probably get away with 3 or 4 of the higher powered ones for 1 or 2 plants.
    also make a ballast out of a very reflective material to reflect more light toward the plants.

  9. I disagree with you. I think if you have the resources, adding as many small lights as you want is fine. With more lights, you can position them so that all areas of the plant are getting quality light. Also, Sleeve, you're a moron. Dont give advice if you dont know what the fuck you are talking about.

    HAHAHA MAKE A BALLAST out of reflective material??? Good luck dude. You clearly dont know what a ballast is.
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    yea, as in get a curved piece of sheet metal to attach your light socket to. and to hang from the top of your box. i meant hood not ballast though, i did mis-type. (sorry, i'm usually high when i'm on here)
    yes you can move multiple bulbs around to give multiple areas light, but putting something over the top of the bulb to reflect the unused light traveling upwards back down onto your plants.
    i though it was pretty sound advice. its all about being more light efficient. the large metal will also act as a heat sink when attached to the socket, which makes keeping the temps in your box down easier as well by dispersing heat over a large surface area
  11. Is it possible for a plant on 18/6 to show it's sex after like 5 weeks? I'm noticing very small single hairs coming out near where the bud sites are, I suppose it could be new growth but not sure I will take more pics over the weekend and upload to confirm.

  12. Ya dude. totally normal. they show what are called "Preflowers"
  13. Switched lighting to 12/12 2 days ago. Now it's about 6 weeks from seed, any guesses on male or female?

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  14. pic one looks like it may be female but its still too early to tell. the other 3 i dont see anything
  15. i swapped some of the cfl's to the 2700k also i got a 50/50 mix now on those spectrums
  16. ^ more opinions please
  17. The won't get a positive ID on your plant until 2-4 weeks after you switch to 12/12. Pre-flowers do show during veg but are less distinct and harder to ID than the pistils and balls that appear after flowering.
  18. Its still too early to tell from those pics.

    Theres no Calyx or pistils showing, only Stipules, i think the other poster had the Stipules confused with Calyx.
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    I grow up to 3 weeks and feed my plants alot of nitrogen,and have alot of success growing females,and you can flower when a plant is over 12 inches.....so catch your plant around 2 n half weeks old and feed them nitro,and it will show tha sex around tha 4th week..ITS A FEMALE..
  20. I can't see anything either. Don't worry, there's a BIG gap between when flowers become obvious and when males release pollen. If you're checking them daily, you'll have no problems.

    Keep the mix of spectrums for preflower (about 2-3 weeks; whenever you see real flower tops forming and veg growth/branching slowing to a crawl), then go all 2700K.

    edit: you can also try swapping out some of the bulbs for UVB bulbs to try to increase potency in the last week. It does work, but be careful how many you use, as it is throwing damaging radiation. I would also highly recommend using sunglasses when around them, and turning them off while you're in the grow room. Do some research if you decide to do this step. Wouldn't want you to hurt your plants.

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