g13 and ww clones another first timer

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  1. I picked up 2 clones and they are in happy frog ph level was 6 with distilled water (no nutes yet, want them to get into the soil comfortably first- water in the next day and will add some nutes at that time) under a 400 watt mh, I plan on giving them 24 hrs of light (per cannabis grow bible 4th edition-by,greg green)-

    they are in a cabinet that is 28" wide x 36" tall x 24" deep that I made myself (not light leakage @ all!!) and I have a 5" clip on fan inside blowing onto plants, a 4" computer fan exhaust and a window fan in front of the door to bring in cool air (without the door fan temps are 98-100, with the door open and fan it is 78-80)

    This is day 1
    this is day 2

    If there is any input-- IT IS ALL WELCOME-- anything left out let me know--

    I would like to know what type of nutes are best to start with?

  2. Lokking good bro looks dope. Get some fox farm nuts get big bloom and grow big and wait on tiger til u need it each bottle is about 20$$
  3. Thanks toner- appreciate it, hope I can get it right!!!
  4. You will bro just remember less is more!! Happy growing

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