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G. W. Bushshit!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 15thReaper, Mar 7, 2004.

  1. Man I was hearin a while ago that if bush get re elected he's going to put drug tests in public schools. its a fuckin bitch. I say that if they do put it in and they try to test me I'll say fuck off bitch. Think about it, what the hell are they gonna do, send me home? they cant do much else and if they do send people home then half of America's population is going to be at home because then refusing to take the drug test is just going to be a ticket to skip school and our dumber students are just going to skip out on a highschool diploma making a generation of dumb fucks. George bush is a dumbass.
  2. i heard it was just for school board employees but whatever. i'll have already graduated by the time he's re-elected but that sucks for current students.

  3. Don't worry about it man. There's no way in hell that will happen. It would just cost too much money. The school system where I live can barely afford to supply student's with text books that were made within the past 20 years. Either way, it doesn't bother me too much since I'm no longer in school.

    Happy Tokin
  4. I always hear how bad our president is. I never hear anything bad about Canada. How is it up there?
  5. someone tries to random drug test me im pissing in their god damn faces

  6. Are you kidding? They can make you do whatever they want.. all they have to do is get the police involved. Try resisting them and see what happens..

    And yeah I do think it would suck.. I'm just glad that i'm past all the bullshit of the public school systems :D :p :smoke:
  7. bush,s monkey,the lying scrote blair,has been going on about the same thing this week in the would think the clown was in enough mate david icke thinks hes a shape shifting alien,i think he could be right

  8. its all good,i every1 can get caught with likt 5 grams and not even get a fine or arrested or nuttin
  9. Just Picked up some bomb bud last night but back to the main point. Shit. Uh.......Oh Yeah. I think all twinkies should be bigger. Sign Me Up
  10. YEAH and I heard that they will take your first born child if you test positive and baptize it on the spot and make you watch and make you eat your boogers and and and and and blah blah blah...
  11. Yeah but seriously, it could never happen. Seriously our schools are in need of so much money right now its not even funny. And you know they wouldnt be random. You got long hair/dreads, youre gonna get picked. You got a nice haircut, theyre gonna skip over you. You wearing a Beatles/Pink Floyd/Doors shirt, your up. You got the nice A&F shirt (not saying anything bad about people who wear that, i wear that), you get looked over. Plus, jocks would probably never get tested regardless of how they look.

    You get the idea. Its not going to be random. Specially at my school where theres the rich white folks and the slacker/stoners.
  12. actually the proposal is to test kids who are involved in extra-curicular activities, ie band, sports, chess club etc. i didnt hear or read anything about all kidz being tested. it really does suck, this is strongly boarding on some serious constitutional rights. 4th amendment to be exact ...1791 - The Right of the People to Be Secure in Their Persons, Houses, Papers and Effects Against Unreasonable Searches and Seizures, Shall Not be Violated; And No Warrant Shall Issue, but upon Probable Cause, Supported by Oath or Affirmation, and Particularly Describing the Place to Be Searched and the Person or Things to Be Seized.
    - The Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution

    sometimes when i listen to what these guys want to do, i wonder who is really right in all this? there are some serious people out there who really hate that we smoke pot. they put us in the "junkie" catagory, make it hard to get jobs and seriously cause you financial troubles if you get caught by the law. all this for one little plant. i do not underestimate or take for granted the narcotic effect mj has, but it is really no different in my book than boozin. i dont drink, and im scared to death some drunk asshole is going to plow into me or my family because its legal. but thats the risk i take and this is the country i live in. old enough at 18 to die for the country, and most likely well never no the benifit of my 4th amendment right because of facist like Bush and company.
  13. Man, if they ever piss test a fucking Chess team, I'm moving to Canada. :D
  14. Schools already have the authority to test athletes for drugs..

    They do it in my state already!!!!

    Bush is going to make illegal search and sesures on scholl property a thing of the past..

    They'll be able to search your person or property with out cause if you are on school property....

    This will also go for any government premisses!

  15. First, whenever election comes around, the rumors fly. When I was in school during clinton's campaign, all the older kids would say "hey if he gets elected, we're all going to have to wear uniforms." it doesn't really equate that cleanly. A change won't happen just like that, it has to go through hundreds of people, so even if bush IS considering drug tests, you probably won't be affected by it.

    Second, to answer your question "what the hell are they gonna do?" They'll give you either detentions or a suspension for saying fuck off bitch. And if your school will have drug tests like that, you need to sign a paper in the beginning of the year that says you will willingly take the test.

    But to quote a previous post, it's not gonna happen.
  16. Thank god I'm graduating.
  17. They piss tested our wrestling team last year and ALL of the seniors tested positive, including 4 former state champs and 5 more that were seeded in the top 3. needless to say the tests were lost somehow.....
  18. Are you serious, kids tested positive and they just waived it? That's bull man, UNethics right there...

    I heard on the news a couple weeks ago, a wrestling team similarly tested positive for ecstacy, losing their top players who had qualified for states.
  19. Are you kidding me man? They cover up as much negative shit about athletes in HS as possible just so they can win.

    They were searching mad peopl at school last week, going throgh lockers and shit. Im not stupid enough to keep anything in my locker anyway, too easy for themt o find it that way. My shits always on me so i know when theyre looking for it, if i ever bring something to school which i dont usually, and then even if i do i usually keep it locked up in my glove box, and i park off school grounds anyway. But, its still in a school zone but w/e they cant jst search my truck anyway.

    And about the chess team getting searched, theres this asian kid in my school who smokes and shit kid makes straight A's in like all AP classes. Damn asaians lol.

    he has a website.. lmao i think thats the only thing on the site.
  20. We are in a small town in southern Oregon in a comunity secretly supported by pot. Everybody grows around here. We were ranked really high in state and apperently someone high up didnt want our chance at a state title shit on because of a little weed.

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