G-Town Professor says drones aren't killing innocent civilians

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Dickie4:20, May 12, 2010.

  1. College professors routinely prove they'll defend the people in Government. This comes as no surprise. From economics, to war, to politics.
  2. Both of them disgusted me.

    Putting 'boots on the ground' and invading Pakistan is repeating EXACTLY the same mistakes that we've made all along in this utterly ridiculous 'War on Terror'. Don't they fucking get it? People don't like being invaded, people don't like being slaughtered by predator drones, and people retaliate by blowing up your buildings the same way you blew up theirs. Is it that hard to see? Leave them the fuck alone and they'll more than likely do the same, or at least have far less motivation for wanting to bomb your country...

    And that government apologist is a fucking joke, of course they kill innocent people. As another poster said, it's not like they knock on the door and give a role call. She has a semi-valid point about the media not being reliable... but it's not like the US media is transparent, truthful, non-biased and such. No, she's just as much of a clown as he is.
  3. :hello:
  4. inhuman act :me opposed all such acts in which innocents are targeted

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