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  1. I'm looking to buy a G-Pen.. But I'm not too sure which one I should get and Also... what is the EASIEST way to make the stuff to put in the pen without too many tools / and too much bud?
    I want it to be really potent stuff so I only have to take a few drags when I'm using the G-Pen.
    I like the thought because of convenience / ease / stealth / and I would like to start Vaping because I don't want to beat my lungs up too much, lol.

  2. If I were you, I wouldn't get a gpen unless you are either in a medical state, or have tons of $ ready to drop on like 1/2 oz-2oz and then blow it in a BHO extraction tube
    It isn't that hard, but honestly it seems like a waste of effort to me. Then again I am not a HEAVY toker
  3. I'm in a legal state, just like stealth and convenience..and I can use it safely at work
  4. In that case, get a reccomendation and dont bother making it on ur own. It is kind of a pain unless you are very serious about it
  5. I would like to make one lol, but most of my projects that are "stealthy" end up not so stealthy lol.
    Would like to buy something so there are people to relate to with same issues if there are some and what not..
    WONDERING: Can I put some Bud/Trim/Stems into a small crockpot with the Glycerin (Veggy or food or something like that) and put on low for 24 hours to 48 hours.... would I be able to strain that and use it in the GPen?
    looking for safe easy as heck ways to use stuff and put it into a GPen
    Look up the joye ego. There are countless threads on how to make one too. A gpen is AN EXACT COPY of the joye ego and many people will tell you this. Anyone who tells you otherwise is just a fan boy. I have ordered my own parts and made mine. It is only around $50 and is the same exact pen. You dont pay that extra $150 for having the fancy grenco science name on it. Also it is compatible with many cartomizers, tankomizers and atomizers from all different brands as long as they are 510 threaded it will work on this battery.
    Im not sure about the tincture, ive been trying to find a recipe for the tankomizer that I know will work. After I make some qwiso im gonna try and double boil that with some pg/vg and shake the shit out of it, and repeat. From what I've read you have to make it very potent for it to work. If i find a good ratio I will let you know.
    However if you want to vape using a gpen and you dont have any access to wax then just make some qwiso it is very simple and will full melt on the atomizer just as wax would.
    Here's some links
    Some tips 
    Dont wash longer than 30 seconds
    Strain as fast as possible(you want to get it out of the isopropyl as fast as possible before it starts taking out the other nasties)
    Strain through a metal strainer first to get it out quickly then through a coffee filter to get the remains out. 
    Scrape it onto parchment paper and throw it in the toaster oven on low for 20 minutes. This will help the remaining alcohol evap that you cant see and will change the texture to more of an amber color instead of that dark dark brown oil.
  7. So I could probably make qwiso and crock pot on low for a day with food glycerin?

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    That is what I was gonna do but i haven't tried it yet or thought of a good ratio
    That is what I was gonna do but I haven't thought of a good ratio yet. If your qwiso comes out nice and amber colored you can just put that straight on the atomizer and dab that. It will full melt
  9. but will it be rougher on it than glycerin
  10. Can you use water cured weed and soak for extra long as a qwiso? Most nasties are gone from the water cure, so why not do one run that is super potent?

    Can you use straight Qwiso with the gpen or gpen micro?
  11. The reason I keep mentioning the g pen is because there are some sold locally here for 60 for the micro..
  12. I made some.. what you guys might call Claim or Reclaim tonight... with 99% Isopropyl... cleaned the bowl and stem for my...salad eater... 
    Only ran a half z or so through them though... so probably wont get much for quantity.
    Can I load that in an E-Cig or G-pen?? It's like qwiso... but with Resin.. I filtered out all of the solids... a VERY VERY fine coffee filter did the trick... I double boiled it for an hour or two and now it's in the oven at 170 degrees
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    Yea you can definitely blaze that in a pen. It will melt. 170 might be too high but I could be wrong. With my qwiso I put it on about 100 for 2 hours or until all the bubbles pop. gives it a nice texture too
    As for the water cure, I'm not sure I've never tried it but give it a go. If you mess up just redissolve it in iso and freeze it over night then refilter
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    my water cured stuff will be done in 4 or 5 days... Then I will try
    edit... Confirmed I'll be able to test some of this hard... dark dark amber looking blob that turned hard on a G-Pen w/ a buddy. Will return with results of my shitty First Pretty flawed in some steps that I goofed on reclaiming my resin w/ alcohol, lol. I was a bit... baked when I was attempting this process.. and I was on the phone lol.
  15. I'm in the same boat, can't figure out what pen to get. Not in a legal state, but a LHS introduced me to an oil source and a friend of a friend can get me wax. So what pen do I need or which would be good for both needs.
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  17. I tried the rubbing alcohol and soaked my bowl and stem and used the dark stuff that was left after the alcohol evaporated and it worked in a g pen micro, but I don't know how hard it is on it. I'm going to probably get a g pen because they are sixty bucks and seen worth it. I'm still afraid to make the jump to go buy it though lol
  18. Same here I can finnal get wax on the regular but my biggest trouble is trying to figure out what to get ?

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    Let me know whY you find, and I will also. I'm trying to figure out which affordable one will work with any qwiso the best without crapping out fast, which is why I want to know more personal input about the g pen
  20. my gpen flashes 10 times exactly and won't heat up my wax.... it's killing my vibe. any advice?

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