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G Pen vs. Trippy stick

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by LSYouTiger, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. They are exactly the same technology... buy whichever one you like the color of
  2. The g pen doesn't let you put bud in it.. lame.Only wax..
  3. geaux tigers!
  4. I've seen a lot of bad reviews with the g pen. But I'm not sure of it was because of misuse
  5. too bad you can't put bud into it.
  6. g pen kicks ass... if you dont know how to use the thing i have nothing to say.. its extremely easy to use and delivers milk hits. and yes its wax/concentrates only but grencio is making a g-pen herbal cartridge and thats gonna be released soon

    they are basically all the same tech and i have read good/bad reviews on all units including the g pen... from personal experience i like the g pen better

    still have yet to use that g dome too but it looks sick!!!!!!
  7. Check out the Gentlemans brand pen vapes. I havent really tried any other pen vapes but i have one myself and so far their is easy to use and works perfectly.

  8. I have recently purchased a vaporizer called the inhalater inh004. It's a herb based pen style vaporizer. It's just cleared canadian customs, I'll be able to talk about it more soon
  9. Anyone familiar with the Trippy stick.
  10. The "Trippy Stick" looks like it is an Ego-T e-cig that has been re-purposed with hash oil cartridges. I have one that is sold under the RemPen brand.

    I like mine and use it a lot. I have begun to get the refillable cartridges.

  11. How much oil does it take to fill a cartridge

  12. Let me expand on what I said.

    I found that some of the cartridges I had bought at my dispensary and had already smoked, were actually the refillable type. These have a rubbery cap on the end that goes into the pen. This cap can be removed, the cartridge filled, and then the cap is placed back on, very easy.

    So far, on the advice of my budtender who also uses these things, I have purchased a tincture called "Blue Dragon" that is available locally and filled the pen with that. A .5g syringe of this does not quite fill the cartridge half way.

    My next step is to make some of the tincture that "badkittysmiles" recommends for these.
  13. a Gpen is a ego w dont fall for the bs save money by buying from ecig sites and the trippy stix or trippy stick is nothing but a 900mah battery with a ego-t on it, once again search these terms and you will find them way cheaper.
  14. I've heard good shit about trippy stick though. Gpen is full of bad reviews and it seems like to much of a bitch to deal with. Trippy stick cartridges seem much easier to work with.

  15. Before you spend your money i would read fuckcombustion.com that site is only about vaporizers and they test out alot of them.

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