G-Pen by Grenco Science

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by tabs808, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Anyone tried this out yet?
  2. i just bought this a few hrs ago today. had it delivered for $75 to my door within an hr of placing a call, so happy lol.

    i got some wax too, when the delivery guy set it up for me and we first hit it, it was good. but after i left it charge 100%, huuuuge hits. just dabbing on the top of it right now, havn't filled the tank. very easy to fill and you don't need any special catridge or whatever, its so clean man. super stealth
  3. Yeah it's not really unique or anything, it's a converted 510 model e cigarette to take hash cart's. I mean it will work but unless the atomizer is submerged in a liquid it is going to die fast. At least their replaceable though, if I ever had anything other than ABV oil I'd grab one for indoor use.
  4. So its a 510 style cart? Imma just buy the tank then, i have many ecigs.

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