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G Of Hash

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by BLVD Brew Crew, May 4, 2011.

  1. so i'm supposed to be going to pick up a gram of hash straight from a california dispensary, a friend of mine happens to have some. anyways he said he bought like an ounce of it and he also mentioned a gram goes for about 60 dollars per G.. now i'm not too positive on the price because i've never purchased hash or even touched it before in my life, so is this a rip off or is it legit? please helppp
  2. is it like suuuuuuuuuuper fire or what?
  3. Idk he said it was blue and grey and is some dank ass hash
  4. If its not yellow golden hash oil, 60 a gram is way way too much (60 a gram for dank dank oil is still way too much but it seems to be the going dispensary price here atleast)

    i would recommend telling him to drop that price..... thats just ridiculous man hahahahha
  5. That does seem a lot for one gram of hash.
  6. most grams of hash range from 20-40 at most dispensaries depending on the strain and potency. some may be as high as 100/g if its oil, but regular old pressed hash shouldnt be running you 60/g
  7. i would never pay 60 a gram thats way way to much besides its probly some shit he presed himself out of some shwag lol sorry he is trying to get over on you
  8. Your butts being pounded.
  9. Yeah it's not worth it.. 60 is steep as hell
    Even for great quality id say your "friend"
    Is looking for a profit.

    Mr. Duke
  10. Even if it's oil that's pretty steep. If he's talking about bubble hash tell him to get the fuck out.
  11. full melt bubble hash should be 20 to 25 a gram. I got a eighth the other day for 70 and i live in GA... so if you got medical dispensarys then it'll be cheaper/about that price.
  12. blue and grey hash? I dont know about you, but I wouldnt pay 60 a g unless it was that caviar weed. lol

  13. Caviar = worth less than hash oil

    When you add bud to the mix, it lowers the cost.... 1 gram of caviar, is less than a gram of weed, and less than a gram of hash, so lets say just by chance it was half and half, and you were paying NORMAL prices lol.... the oil lets say is 40 a gram, weed, 15, so it would be 20 bucks of oil, and 7 bucks of weed. So it shouldnt be more than 27-30 bucks, 10 bucks less than the gram of oil would be.

    Caviar is a money making ploy, and so is selling ANY form of hash/hash oil over 40 bucks a gram lol, it DOESNT cost anywhere near that much to make, no where NEAR it

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