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G o' dank

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Frankish, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Paid 20 bucks for this, nothing special but it surprisingly was really good. Worth 20 bucks I think. Tell me what y'all think
  2. Yup looks pretty heady to me.
  3. I agree. Looks pretty good.:smoke:
  4. That's the amount you got for 20? Looks pretty good.
  5. Yeah I'm buying some more tomorrow. My dealer is offering a g rolled into a blunt for 25. I can't roll for SHIT so I'm considering it. Anyways thanks guys, I'll be sure to post my next purchase :)
  6. Gay, I cant believe you paid $20 for that, my dealer would be lucky to get $10 from me to get that
  7. That looks like some straight hairy beasters. 35 a eighth around here
  8. Just now bought some more of even stronger shit from him. I got 1.5 for 30 Bucks. I feel almost dizzy just smelling it.
    Tell meh what you think
  9. 1.5 g's to be exact
  10. 1.5 g's for $30?!

    What remote island are you on that you are required to pay that much??

    Find a new dealer.
  11. Just did the math, that $560 an O for no name bud..
  12. He sells 100 for a quarter o. So im guessing its 400 for an O
  13. u getin ripped your 30 looks like my dub
  14. Everyone's getting ripped. Unless you grow your own.
  15. Not everyone has the convenience of living in a cannabis-friendly state man, prices aren't the same everywhere. I thought this was common knowledge.
  16. I've paid 30 for a half 8th, so 1.75 grams. If it's what you can get, it's what you can get.
  17. Im from minnesota as is atmosphere im assuming and $60 for an eighth of high mids is pretty standard here
  18. Your not gettin a deal, but I wouldn't say your getting ur ass ripped that bad.
    The worst around here for the real dank stuff is $5 for every .2. But fuck that I get my gs for $20 8th for $60 quarter for a bill.

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