G.h.s chemdog grow report/smoke report (pics)

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    Whadup blades! Green house seeds Chemdawg or chem-dog review which way you prefer it spelt!

    jumping right in grow style;
    • foxfams ocean forrest soil.
    • three gal clay pots.
    • foxfarm trio nutes, also used unsulphred molasses.
    • topped in week 3 veg.
    • vegged for one month under 400W MH cooltube
    • flowered for 9.5 weeeks or 68 days
    • R.O. water flush for 10 dayz

    Comments on stain;
    very intresting smell durring flower almost like carparts with a lemony fuel undertone. i had three girls and two diferent phenos one with indica charistics super fat swallen calexes. The other two plants showed sativa qualities, lotsss of hairs and taking longer to close up. All in all this is a very unique strian with a penetrating reek if you choose to grow, be sure to run a scruber! I personally got nervous about the smell in late bloom honestly you could smell it down the street. compleatly covered in milky/amber trichs.

    its complexitys were simply a joy in the garden!
    smoke report/dry weigh in coming in a few weeks blades hang high lol:cool::smoke:

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  2. Very nice! Those plants look eerily similar to some funky sativa dom white widow pheno i just grew out. Same growth pattern, huge buds, and the white pistils despite trichomes being 15-20% amber.

    They look fantastic, great job!
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    good eye yea, the hairs were mostly orangeish pink and still a lot of white though, i kept waiting for a full turn in pistil color but it didnt come in the reccomended harvest time.
    still there were almost no clear trichs to be spotted. all mostly amber and cloudy 60/40

    i think with a few days cure all pisils will turn as the plant has realized THC production has stopped! at least this is what im hoping for!

    thanks for the kind words! :)
  4. Very nice! Those buds look a LOT like GHS K-Train--which, despite people bitching about GHS, is one of the strongest strains I've EVER smoked in 35 years!

    Did you also flower with a 400w? If so, those look like they would be monster yielders under a 1000 w HPS.

  5. yupyups 400w cool tube all the way to home plate:cool:
  6. Nice! I'll have to give that a shot some time with my 1000w HPS and a Blockbuster 6" air cooled reflector.

    Thanks for the heads up--I'm always looking to add new strains to the library.

    So, in return, here's a couple of strains you'll definitely want to try:

    1) Delicious seeds, Critical Sensi Star. Huge yielding, dense, spear shaped, frosty buds. I can't say more at this time as I just harvested and they are still drying.

    2) Kannabia seeds, mataro Blue. Huge yielding--and I mean some huge dense buds. The buds are much more irregular shaped than the Critical Sensi Star; kind of chunky and blocky. VERY sticky, frosty, buds! The smell is out of this world! There's a kushy/earthy/musky/incense smell, BUT the real funk is this gasoline/fuel/chemical smell!

    We'll see how they end up in a couple of weeks, after a drying and a cure.

  7. by the way, they all finished between 56-59 days from flip to snip!

  8. Congrats on your Grow !

    Very Well done Job !

    Looking forward to read the smoke report
  9. smoke report?
  10. I know this is an old thread, but...did you use a carbon filter and it STILL smelled down the street or did you not use one? I have these seeds in the mail.

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