g 13 pinapple express and la diva autoflowers 1st grow

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  1. hey all thanks for reading my post any help is greatly appreciated
    i have 3 plants going right now 1 is a la diva auto flower and the other 2 are g13 pinapple express auto grows
    im running them under a 600 w hps light about 15 inches from the plants for 18 hours
    plants are around 4 t0 5 inches tall 2 weeks from germination
    if any of yall have any advice it all is greatly appreciated
  2. i too am starting La Diva auto fem. My only strict peice of advice would be to put your lights at 20/4. DELICIOUS seeds says thats the best. they make the seeds we make the buds... your choice.

    My la diva is still in germination and probably going to get inserted into soil tomorrow. You should really upload some pictures.
  3. please tell me where to get the g13 pineapple express autos. I'd love me some of them, currently running barney's cuz I didn't know g13 had them in autos
  4. is it ok to switch them from 18 to 20? i alos have 4 normal plants up there will they be ok under 20 hours of light a day

    i got my pinapples from attitudes and they are doing great
    pictures when the lights go on
  5. here are the pics they are 16 days old
    the 1st 2 are pinapple the last is la diva

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  6. Not too sure what could/ would happen if you switch to 20-4 now.

    As far as my lighting...cfl. not by choice but by budget... a total 10000 lumens per sq ft

    Seeds? Worldwide marijuana seed company. Cam buy single seeds feminized. Spend 30$ get two fem. Seeds free... right now the freebies are northern light blue and la diva.
  7. so how are the plants looking from what yall can tell this is my 1st time so idk if these look good or not
  8. Looking good man. Please invest in some fox farm trio organic nutrients. They work great just cut the dosage in half... I used for my bag seed. Keep it up man. I enjoy farming and fellows farmers :wave:
  9. Just germed the same 2 myself will run under 1000 watts for 18 hours myself to save on elec bill. From WWMS.com 2 LOL small world.
  10. I have also heard that by going 18 / 6 that you get a much stronger root growth in the dark. And you have to have good roots to support good buds.
  11. I think your best bet will be to stay on your light schedule. Stress is bad for the bush. Keep doing what your doing and you will be fine.
  12. sweet man thanks for the info on the lights what nutes do you suggest from fox far m i was going to order them soon
  13. I like to use fox farms trio.it is a three pack and has a feeding guide also. I also like canna13/14 during 3rd week of flowering. Honestly, go with what you can afford. Most important though... Remember to flush a week before harvest...taste is bad...i learned from my mistake.
  14. so got a new question the past couple of times i have turned the lights off while it has been dark mushrooms have started to grow i kill them as soon as i see them but are they bad and how do i get them to stop
  15. hey everyone got a update moved the container size up to a 10 gallon they are 4 weeks the pinapples are 10 inches tall and the la diva is 7 inches 1st 2 are pinapple last is la diva
    can anyone tell me if this is how they should be looking or if this is good or bad and if they have a guess on yield amount

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  16. your not going to be able to tell yield amount..space air and lighting determine yield...i had 2lbs off of 2 pineapple xpress this summer outside....dispensary quality..got a la diva started now..we,ll see what happens.
  17. i also have la diva but shes still in her package but im curious to see how she grows...i enjoy photos more than autos..i have an auto growing right now but shes going on 8 weeks of vegging and has only shown pistils
  18. I just got my seeds today and I also got free LaDiva Auto and Northern Light Blue. The seeds I ordered were Trainwreck, Purple Haze and Northern Lights. I'm a noob and I want to sample the old favorites before I try the newer strains.
    I've already grown Roadrunner Auto and I like it. Anxious to see how LaDiva does. And anxious to see your results also.
    Btw, I doubt seriously if the switching to more light will hurt anything. I've read the pros and cons and decided on 24 hrs. on and I seem to be doing OK.
  19. I order seed from them once or twice a month just to have seeds in stock to grow I am about 2 weeks behind you with 1 PEA and 1 LDA in Hydro it will be intresting to see how they grow in Soil vs Hydro.
  20. any pics of your hydro grow

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