g-13 cross..kick ass..

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  1. theses are a kick ass and only out there to them in the know..its selling for 500 us dollers an ozs and is very much the best stuff one can smoke..i use it for mrds and is my first time getting hold of this cross..its called or crossed to a g-13 +butterscotch hawain..this plant is 5 weeks into flowering and cant wait till she fatten,s up for me..its an 8 to 9 weeker

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  2. and here some other shots of same strain..smells soooooo good around here

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  3. aah g13.

    i've got some g13 seeds i'm waiting to start. got them as a freebie from the doc.

    NL x g13/widow <<i am so excited to grow these seeds.

    beautiful plants though, enjoy the smoke it's supposed to be incredible. +rep for some great plants.
  4. i love g13, such a totally fried yet not worn out effect from smoking.

    nice grow buddy.
  5. Long time no see Nooel.
    You grow some of the nicest buds here on the city. This time is no exception.

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