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G-13 and Blue Dream Pickup. Local Grown

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by tonyhimselff, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. A friend of mine harvested his indoor not to long ago, so today i stopped by and got a few grams.

    This stuff is easily club grade, its actually beat a few of my old favorites. I tried his last few harvest and this is a GREAT improvement, cant wait till his next harvest :smoke:

    On the left we have the G-13 , smoke a bowl of this with my friend before we left and its a great daytime, it easily matched my last Space Queen pickup

    To the right we have the Blue Dream, smoked a trench through the MFLB 45 mins ago and my GF is asleep xD

    Blue Dream, some of the other nugs he had were blue. I just grabbed ones that looks more Trichomey lol.

    G-13 :)
  2. Pretty, in love with them crystals.
  3. Shit looks like you put it in paint and sprayed it with the white paint can lol
  4. looks GOOD!

    oh how i wish i knew actual HEAVY GROWERS.
  5. Nice looking buds.
  6. Just wanna take a bite outta those things mmmm mmmmm

  7. You said that at 2:01. That's funny haha
  8. yeah i loved the amount of trichomes.

    these were some of the smaller nugs he had. He had a bunch of huge nugs that sparkled brighter than christmas trees.
  9. So many crystals on those nugs, fucking beautiful :smoke:
  10. if u dont mind me asking ? where u located in the us?
    cuz i had some pretty similar looking buds but different names ( names are usually lies)

  11. California.

    Im pretty sure the names are correct because he has some mother plants and plenty of clones.

    And if i remember correctly he got them straight from a club or soemthing like that.

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